Awww... love...

Hey, I joined this a while ago but I havent managed to think of anything to write but this is just something I came up with and I thought I would share it....

Oh, and I'm going to try and upload a chapter a week :) x

Vauge IdeaEdit

So, basically this is a romance short story about friendship and love and stuff. :)


Kahlia, Elliot (well these are the only characters so far...)

Prolouge (Elliot P.O.V)Edit

"What are you looking at?" Kahlia nudges me in the ribs and gives me of her cheeky grins. "Hey!" I laugh in reply and nudge her back. Her grins becomes wider, lighting up her face. For a second our eyes lock but in a second we drop each others gazes. I find myself longing for just one more second staring into her glittering eyes. I sigh and try to shake it off.

See the thing is me and Kahlia have been friends for, what, 5 years now. But recently i can't stand her boyfriend, i constanly miss her, and i cant look at her without my heart skipping a beat. I strange, no girl has ever made me feel this way before. But with Kahlia it feels so.. right.

Her long black hair flows around face, hints of red,gold and brown shining out. Her dark eyes, framed by thick lashes, are almost black. But there is always a slight twinkle in them. Her musical laugh, is loud, cute. Wow, cute.... Damn her cuteness!