Now, at this time i am exactly mad at some situation. I don't know why.  i just think that i'he messed up my day recently. i got up in the lately morning and ruin everything cause i confussed that in the 10 o'clock i had to attend my test. i've never think good at the first till now, when i've done it with a simple minded with nothing of interest .

Today , i feels like i'm the stupid person in the world. don't know what i want when every friends around me doing their stuff happily and i just play around with every video and evry club i was about to join. include this site.  i just wanna told it before to my friend but it doesn't my  fault that i hate telling my own and my private life to every body.

i want them knowing me live happily ever after like the prince and the princess. stupid thinking. I feels like messed all of thing today and i feel so bad.Edit

it's just my story, regret that i don't write an happy or amazing things at the first and the beginning  i join to this club. but thanks for giving me a space talking about my self .

see in the next writting :)  Ginaaw (talk) 08:00, May 23, 2013 (UTC)