This story is inspired by Fallout: New Vegas.

Prologue Edit

The year is 2281. The world has suffered a horrible nuclear war, and those who have survived did so in underground Vaults. Some did not make it into Vaults and still survived, made settlements. Around 2190 (If you have a correction, please tell me in the comments), Vault inhabitants set out, joined settlements, or made tribes and their own settlements. One of these tribes grew into an empire: The New California Republic. As of 2281, they are in a war with Caesar's Legion, an army of slavers and warriors. An elite unit of the NCR military is the Rangers.

Chapter One- Veteran Ranger RavenEdit

"We won't go quietly. The Legion can count on that." I say to a soldier as I walk by him. I am walking to Colonel Hsu's office, where my team and I were ordered to be briefed for our mission. I walk in, and my team is there. Blaine, our scout, is sitting in a black, wheeled chair on the opposite side of the room. The gunner, Mike, is leaning against a tattered wall across from me, and Dimitri, a shotgunner, is sitting on a table. "Colonel."Hsu turns to me. "Raven, we have a mission for your team. There are boats of Legionnaries coming across the river toward Ranger Station Alpha. Take 'em out." I say "Sir", then turn around."We have our orders, team. Now let's go. On me." And I walk out the door, followed by three of the deadliest men in the Wasteland.

Chapter Two - Veteran Ranger BlaineEdit

As we get to Ranger Station Alpha, I pull out my scoped hunting rifle, and put a 10-round mag in, then walk up to a ridge overlooking a large part of the river. Raven climbs up to where I am and lays down next to me, then pulls out his AM rifle and loads it. All of a sudden, he fires a bullet and I see a streak of flame travel for a ways, then it hits a Legion boat and someone in it sets on fire. Incendiary bullets... I look down my scope and shoot a hole in one boat, then turn a bit and shoot a Legionnarie in the chest. He falls off the boat and drowns in the river. Raven fires another bullet into someone's stomach, and they literally rip apart into pieces. After fifteen more minutes, we see a Ranger collapse down near the river. I realize that it's Mike. Raven and I slaughter the final few Legionnaries, then rush down to Mike, who's chest is bleeding so much that he's in a puddle of his blood.