Candice once upon a time


Hello. I am no one. I have a soul, but no body. I am a shadow, a mere shadow. I am cursed with knowing everything that ever happened and what will happen. I used to be Candice Bolt. That name is erased from history, a mere shadow, only found in my memory. I was both cursed- and blessed with that gift, on my 12 birthday. They granted me immortality, and also knowing. I had my best friend kill me, as I couldn’t bear it anymore. With one look, I knew what will happen to that person. My life is nothing. I don’t have a life since I was 12. I was a ghostly servant to the people of district 3. I never lead my life as me.

Childhood Edit

I remember those cold wintry days when my oldest sister Rose who was eighteen, Bianca who was 10 and me played snow angels, snow battles and built snowmen. Then we came inside and drank moms special hot cocomoo. I always thought those days would last forever, me and my sisters laughing and drinking hot chocolate after playing in the snow, but they did not. I also remember my aunt Titanica's wedding. I was the bridesmaid, Rose was the flower girl and Bianca sang a lovely song. Bianca is a beautiful singer. I remember I wore teddy bear earrings and a lovely pale green dress with gold sandals. Bianca wore a pale yellow dress and Rose, the beauty of our family wore a pale blue dress. I remember the sunlight streaming throught my window at 7 am as soon as I woke up. I would have never thought my life would end so quickly.