This is the story of a girl named Madeline Terran and her younger sister moving to a place called Stakeford, England. She will find out that to see something truely, you have to dig under the outside.

Then you will follow Nina Terran, her younger sister, of her transformation with a boy Thomas "Timmy" Calin.

Then you will get to see the point of view of a young vampire girl growing up with her parents Madeline and Eric Terrene and aunt and uncle Nina and Timmy Calin.

Also, yes, the chapters are short, but I also make a lot of chapters so... yea xD


I started to run as fast as possible. The smoke was choking me to death. I looked around for two young girls, Nina and Madeline. I start to run to their room to find their window wide open. I start to cough as the flames catch up on me unexpectedly. I just hope that they'll be safe away from here...

Then my mind goes to Teven, my god awful brother who has been trying to get some of my money forever. That's when it hits me. He's going to kill me and my family just to get the fortune, I start to cough again and the flames ingulf me.

The last thing you can hear of me is the screaming as the flames burn me alive...

Part 1Edit

Chapter 1Edit

I hug little Nina. Then we walk out of our adopted parents house. I have lived in Stakeford, England, for most of my life. 9 years to be exact, 9 years today, when a fire burned my parents and brothers alive. Only Nina, who then was 3, and I had survived the fire, we were taken to an orphanage in England and that's where we got adopted by Christine and Torton.

I walk Nina to her bus stop and smile. "Have a good day today," I said in my American voice that stood out in any crowd. Nina had developed an English accent. I never told her about the fire that destroyed our real parents, in fact, she didn't even know that she was adopted, and I never entended on telling her anything, nothing at all. I care to much about her.

She smiles and says in her little English accent, "Yes sister, tell mum and dad that I love them!"

I smile at her and nod. "Will do." I leave her there and start to walk home. I wonder how our life could be better, and now I know, it couldn't, it's perfect already. And nothing can change that, ever.

Boy, I could not of been more wrong about that...

I wake up to the smell of smoke. I start to cough. My mind flashes back to 9 years ago to the fire that destroyed my family. I out of my room. I went straight to Nina's room to wake her up. I am terrified of what I see.

I see the room destroyed. I start to scream. "Nina! Christine! Torton!" I hear a scream from Christine and Torton's room. Nina!

I run straight to there and burst through. I see Nina with Christine and Torton. I slam to door behind us and open our window. "Jump!" I scream. "It's not a far drop!"

The screams happen again. "Madeline!"

"I'm right in front of you! Jump!"

"Madeline, wake up!"

"Nina! I'm awake, now jump! The place is on fire!

"Madeline!" Then water splash on my face and I sit jolt up in my bed, panting and sweaty. Nina is right next to me. "Are you okay? You were screaming most of the night," she said in her calm and sweet voice.

"F-Fine,bad dream," I say. I pull her into a hug before she can say anything else.

"Madeline, it's okay," she said with a smile.

I sigh and start to brush her hair with my hand. I look at her with hard eyes. "Nina, if there is ever a fire, you jump out the window, understand?"

"Yes, but wh-"

"Just do it! For me Nina, it'll insure your safety, it'll keep you safe from danger. I'll get mom and dad," I said, referring to Christine and Torton, "out, but you must get yourself out."

"Okay Madeline, okay," she said. I let her walk back to her room and I sighed. I curled up in my bed and fell back asleep, the dream replaying in my head, but this time, I tried not to say anything but show what I meant with my hands. It didn't help the dream at all. We all just burned alive, but I woke up, not screaming, but just woke up. I knew what I had to do, but how will I play it out? Well, i'll figure out at school tomorrow...

Chapter 2Edit

I walk into the doors of school and I am quickly greeted by people. A lot of them seem attracted to me for some reason, yet again, someone always is.

I just nod at them all and walk over to Eric. "Hey Eric," I said.

He sorta looks like he is in pain but nods. "Madeline."

I smile but then that one girl, Terra, runs over. "Hey Eric," she says flirtingly.

I am now in a bad mood. She is always there whenever I talk to Eric, non-stop, it's like she is trying to steal him away from me.

Eric just nods to her and walks away. I open my locker which is right next to his and grab my books. I follow him to class, some reason, he got the exact same classes me.

I walk into the classroom and people crowd around me, sniffing me like i'm a piece of meat and that they are vampires. But yet again, there are no such things as vampires, right? I mean, come on, I was always told these tales about them and Christine had those creepy eyes, they aren't really common, but come on, vampires aren't real along with those tales! I was taught better then to believe in those!

I take my seat next to Eric, the other kids take their seat after a threatening hiss from our teacher, Mr. Lorren. I look down at our textbook. That's odd. I don't remember my textbook being red, or wet. I hear a snicker behind me and turn to look at Terra. "Funny," I said crossily and took her book and gave her mine.

I turn back to watch our lesson, it was something about the history of those stupid tales again. This is history class, why are we learning about myths now?

Then I hear a joke behind me. "Yeah, I just which I could of meet Zeus, I mean, my parents, despite Zeus being a god, was like, their best friend."

The rest of the class snickers, except me, but the teacher does snicker. I don't get why people say those jokes, he just called his parents old, and in fact, in the beginning of school, I meet his parents, they were beautiful and young, not even close to that old.

"Alright class, back to the lesson," says Mr. Lorren. He went back to his history on how vampires started and how they aren't that bad to humans, well, most any way. I hate all these stupid tales, last lesson was the lesson the werewolves, before then, fearies, before then, demons, before then, angels. Honestly, this is all stupid. Nothing was right in this school...

The bell rang and we left. The rest of the classes before lunch blew threw fast. At lunch, it was raw meat, which was gross. Yet again, they always make me something that is actually normal. I went to get my special lunch and sat down next to my friend Eric who was with Shay, Tyler, Xavier, Ryan, and Abby. I sit down and they stare at my maceroni and cheese with bread and cooked meat. "You eat that?" asks Xavier for the billionth time.

"Yes, and you eat that?" I asked, pointing to the raw meat.

"Duh!" he says, shoving it into his mouth. I roll my eyes and eat my food. Eric, Abby, Tyler, Shay, and Ryan eat their raw meat. Then we all left.

Well, again, classes flew by. I guess I was dumb not to notice sooner what they are, and man, I wish I had to...

Chapter 3Edit

Eric and I walked home together. This was the one place where I could be without that stupid Shay interupting our conversation. People were still crowding around me, this was still normal, it's been like this for 9 years, but Eric kept close like he was protecting me, but from what?

Well, what happens next sorta shocks me half to death...

There was a new person in town, just like the rest of them, crowding around me and my sister like we were something that was delicious, irrisitable. Well, the new person gets close to me and pass Eric...

He bares long, skinny teeth and pins me to the ground. Eric was forced back in the crowd. The boy nearly bites me neck when something lifts him off. I look and see it's Eric. How did he get there so fast?

I scream and the new guy tries to attack me again. I get to my feet and start to run as Eric holds him off. I don't dare turn around in fear that I will get attacked.

I run straight into my house and Christine greets me. She sees the look of shock on my face and puts an arm around me. "What's wrong Madeline?"

I start to go over how Eric and I were just walking and when I was suddenly attacked by a new person, and he had the looks of a vampire.

"I knew this would happen soon, Madeline, there is something I must tell you," she said, her eyes soft but still the color of icy blue.

"What is it Christine?"

"I know you don't believe in myths, but you are living in one, that's why kids eat raw meat and surround you and why you learn myths in History."

"N-No, it can't be true!" I cried.

"Madeline, there is something else I must tell you. Torton and I are also vampires, so is Eric, Shay, Xavier, all of them. And...." she said, not sure what to say.

"And what?" I asked, fear creeping into my voice.

"And if you and your sister are not turn into one of us soon, you will die at the hands of the Vampire Council. Madeline, you are of age, your sister will be turned into one soon, and when she's 18, she'll stop aging and she'll stay 18 forever, you were suppose to be transformed by now."

I started to cry. I didn't know what to think of this. Christine put a comforting arm around me.

"Madeline, this must happen soon, we can't lose you," she murmured.

I look her in the eye and nod. "When shall this happen?" I ask, trying not to cry some more.

"Soon, and also, it must be Eric who transforms you."


"You grow a bond with that person, once you moved here, you and Eric were suppose to be together."

"Then why does Shay follow him around like he is gold?"

"She isn't, she is suppose to be with Xavier," she said with confused eyes.

I sigh. It was silent then I finally said, "I'm going to my room." I walk away, leaving Christine to sit on the bench in the living room. I sit down on my bed and look at a picture of the original family, me at 9, Nina at 3, my mother and my father, my real parents, not Christine and Torton. I hug the picture for a few seconds and then set it down on my bedstand and curled up under the covers, not wanting to ever leave them...

Chapter 4Edit

I wake up and get dressed. Eric is there, wearing the same usual sunglasses. I notice he has his car. I get into it and we drive to school. It is pretty silent. Then I finally said, "Eric, I know."

"About?" he asked.

"Abou the vampires, about how you have to transform me, about how I must now or else I will die."

He suddenly slams on the brakes. "Did Christine tell you?" he asked, his voice hollow.

"After I told her about the incounter," I murmur, hugging myself with my arms.

"I never wanted you to know, you weren't suppose to," he started to murmur. "I can't transform you, not know."

"Eric?" I asked, looking into his eyes. "Eric, are you okay?"

"I can't harm you," he said, still murmuring.

"Eric!" I started to plead.

He looked at me and sighed. "We will handle this at school," he said. We started to move again.

We soon arrived at the school and I went straight to my locker with him. I grabbed my books and slamed it shut and walked away, but Eric was right behind me.

"Eric, I-" I started but I couldn't get the words to come out.

"Listen, Madeline, you just should stay quiet about earlier."

"But Eric, what about transfor-"

"There is time for questions later," he said coldly. I sighed and walked into the classroom, him right behind me. I took my seat and he took the seat next to me. Everyone still surrounded me but I was more comfortable with it. What I feel is normal, but a little bad for what happened in the car and how yesterday ruined today. It was awful....

I started to get into the History lesson, listening intently and taking notes. Mr. Lorren noticed and smiled at me. He then went back to the lesson.

I don't remember the rest of the day because one, I was a little tired and two, this vampire thing is really now starting to bug me...

Chapter 5Edit

I walk out of Eric's car and he stops me and I notice we aren't at my house, but at his. Did Christine or Torton know about this?

"Eric, why are we here?" I asked, looking him in the eye.

He didn't answer but he led me into his house. It was dark, very dark. He removed his sunglasses and led me into the kitchen where I could hear talking.

"Mom, dad, I'm home!" he called.

"We're in the kitchen!" came the reply of his mother I believe. We walk into the kitchen and his parents look at me. "Who is she?" asked his mother who had dark amber hair and crystal blue eyes, sort of like Christine and Torton and Shay and Eric's eyes...

"This is Madeline, the girl that Christine told you about," he said, his voice hard.

His mother dropped the glass bowl she was holding. "How old is she?" she asked, looking me over.


"Eric..." his mother started, not sure what to say.

"Mom, I know."

I stare blankly around. His father is silent, just like me. In fact, I don't even remember ever meeting him, so this must be one of those rare times when he is home...

"Eric, it has to be before her birthday. Madeline," she said, staring at me, "when is your birthday?"

"A week from tomorrow," I said, looking at her.

"Eric!" his mother suddenly said, stress in her voice. "Why did you never tell us when her birthday is or how old she is? Your putting her life in danger!"

"I'm putting her life in danger both ways!" he said with a threatening hiss.

"What? How are you putting my life in danger both ways?" I asked, confused.

"Madeline, you know you'll get killed by the Council," said his mother quietly.

"But how is it in danger being a vampire?"

"If you kill to many humans, like when your a new vampire, then the Council will kill you," his father said finally.

"Then don't let me kill humans, do something, Eric-"

"Stop it Madeline, we have to take you away from town," Eric said.

"Eric, I can't leave Nina here!"

"Stop it, both of you!" hissed his mother. "Eric, we can't take her away, Madeline, go home, now, we must talk to Eric."

I stare at her blankly then nodd. I turn around and walk out of the house. Once I'm out of the house, I start to run home.

Christine and Nina and Torton greet me when I get home. I nod to them all and run straight to my room, not wanting to speak to anyone. I lay down on my bed and ignore everyone as they try and get me out of my room...

Chapter 6Edit

I woke up Saturday morning. I went straight to take a shower. I'm still human, and my birthday is in a week. I take a shower and when I am done, am greeted by Nina. I hug her and go to my room to get ready.

I got dressed in a light cream-colored dress that made my light brown eyes seem dark compared to the rest of me. I walk outside and I see Eric. "Hey," I say, looking at him.

"Madeline, I need to talk to Christine and Torton," he said as soon as I said Hey.

"Okay..." I said, a little worried. I led him inside and to Christine and Torton's office. I knock on the door. "Christine, Torton, Eric is here to talk to you!"

Christine opens the door suddenly. "Come in Eric," she says and leads him inside. She closes the door after her and I was alone in the hall way.

I sigh and walk upstairs to Nina's room. I knock on her door. "Come in!" comes her voice. I walk in and she brightens as she sees me. "Madeline!"

"Hi Nina," I said with a smile.

"Is there something you want to tell me?" she asked.

I nod and go over the fire, how we are adopted, about how this place is actually a town of all vampires except us and that we must be turned into vampires before we are 19 or else we will die.

"Madeline, but your birthday, it's-"

"Nina, I know, Eric is the one that has to change me, but you must understand that you must be changed also."

"But Madeline, by who?"

"Well, who do you spend most your time with?"

"Timmy," she said.

"That's your person."

It was then suddenly silent until I heard a knock on the door. "Madeline?" came the voice of Eric.

I sigh and open the door. "Hi Eric," I said, my voice beating much faster then usual.

"Come, Christine and Torton said it's either now or never." He grabs my arm and pretty much drags me downstairs, leaving Nina looking shocked in her room.

Chapter 7Edit

I get into Eric's car and he gets in the drivers seat. He starts to drive as fast as he can. I notice we aren't going to his house.

"Eric, where are we going?" I ask, suspision in my voice.

"Somewhere," he said, not looking at me.

I sigh and rest my head down in the chair. After awhile, I drift to sleep. Man, this was a long drive...

I open my eyes and see Eric staring at me. "We are here," he says.

I step out of the car and look around after closing the door. "Where are we?" I ask.

"The council, all transformations must happen here."


"Because they want to make sure that you become a vampire and that your the real you."

"That's stupid," I mutter under my breath.

"Madeline, if they don't see you get transformed then they'll kill you wiether you are a vampire or not."

I gulp but Eric puts an arm around me and leads me inside. I don't like it, it's creepy in here. "Eric, I don't know-" I begin but he interupts me.

"Madeline, now or never," he said, repeating himself of earlier. I roll my eyes but don't object anymore.

We walk into a big room where there are three people sitting on very beautiful yet terrifying chairs with tall backs. They are the color of blood, the chairs are. And their robes don't help very much, they are the same color. It just makes me feel more uncomfortable here...

"Council," Eric says, looking at the three men.

"Eric, this is Madeline, correct?" asks the man in the middle.

"Correct Erisa," he says to him.

"Transformation?" asks the man on the right.

"Yes Telo."

"Today?" asks the man on the left.

"Yes Tursea (pronouce the names E ri sa, Ta lo, Tur sai uh)."

"When's your birthday?" asks Telo.

"A week from today," I say, not wanting to meet their piercing icy blue eyes.

"I see why you choose today," Erisa says with a smile.

"Christine and Torton said it's now or never," he said, his voice stiff.

"And they are correct. Eric, go on, transform her when your ready," says Tursea.

He looks into my eyes for a moment, and then his teeth sink into my neck...

Chapter 8Edit

My eyes flutter open and I'm back in Eric's car. "What happened?" I asked, sitting up and stretching. My neck hurt like crap.

"You passed out after... the transformation," said Eric.

I look at him then pull down the little sun protector that has a mirror. I look in it and see that my hair has curled more then anything and my eyes are the same crystal clear blue as Christine's, Shay's, Eric's, Christine's....

"Madeline?" he asked, looking at me.

"Y-Yes?" I asked, looking at him.

"I asked you a question."

"What was the question again?"

"How do you feel?"

"Fine, but I look completely different."

"Yes, and you might need these," Eric said and handed me a pair of sunglasses. I put them on and look around. This feels so much better then without them!

"Where are we now?" I ask finally.

"At your house," he said, coming to a stop. I look outside the window and nod. "I see this." I unbuckle myself and get out of the car and close the door.

Eric is already half way there so I run effortless and easily catch up to him in a split second. "Whoa," I said.

"Super speed," he said with a smile. He grabbed my hand and we walked inside. Christine and Torton greeted us as soon as we came in.

"Madeline and Eric," she said with a smile. She hugged us both and looked me over. "You transformed her and she survived, that is good," she said with a smile.

Eric nodded and we both walked upstairs to my room, leaving Christine and Torton staring after us.

When in my room, I see there are dark drapes over the window. I sigh and put the sunglasses on my bedstand and lay down on my bed. Eric settles down next to me and I curl up next to him. He starts to brush my hair. "Eric, how long have you known that I was the person that you were suppose to be with?"

"Since we were nine, I just did, there was something special about you that made you different, everyone was attracted to you because you were human, but I wasn't, you were special and that's what attracted me."

"Another question, why does Shay go after you if she's suppose to be with Xavier?"

"Because, she doesn't know yet, she thinks I'm gold and thinks of Xavier as her best friend when it should be the other way..."

I rested my head on his chest. "Oh..." I said. "She will not be a happy person on Monday, will she?" I say with a laugh.

"No she will not," he said and laughed also. He put his arms around my neck. I uncurl myself and look into his eyes. I put my arms around his neck and he pulled me closer and our lips meet. His hands them moved from my neck to cup my face as he kissed me.

We pull away suddenly from a knock on the door. I go to answer it. It's Nina. I let her in. "Hey Nina," I say with a smile.

"Madeline! Your alright!" she said, hugging me.

I smile and ruffle her blonde curls a bit. She giggles and I pat her head. "Your awfully calm around a human," Eric observed.

"What do you mean?" I asked then remember that I'm a vampire. "Eric, no, you know I would never hurt her. Maybe I'm just use to being around humans, I mean, Nina and I are the first humans here for awhile, right?"

"Well, yes, but most humans after becoming a vampire would kill any human."

"Maybe I'm just immune to it," I said quickly.

I look at Nina and she smiles. I smile back and hug her again. "Well, Nina, I think you should go to your room and read a book, like the Mortal Instruments, and actually finish it. You know know it's a good book, you might like it, it shows that most myths you can believe in, and now I know that that book has some truth to it."

She smiles and I watch as she turns around and her brown curls bounce up and down around her face as she turns and runs away.

I smile at my old diary, Eric is standing over my shoulder, reading it with me. It really is a good diary, and now, being 18 and vampire, I know it's all true, how long have I been 18, you may ask. I've been 18 for 20 years now. Why don't I let you go see Nina's transformation with Thomas, or Timmy for short...

Part 2Edit

Chapter 9Edit

I wake up to my older sister shaking me awake. "Happy 18th birthday," she says with a smile.

I smile also and hug Madeline. "Thank you," she says thoughtfully. I look around. "Where's Eric?" she asks.

"In my room, unaware that I left apparently," she says with a smile. "Now, Nina, Timmy says he is going to transform you in a couple days, now or never, right?" she asks with a wicked smile.

"Right." She hugs me and walks out of the room, leaving in my room. I sigh and go to get ready. I walk into a door on the right side wall when you walk in, or directly in front of me where my bed is. I step into the shower and wash my hair.

I walk out after my hair is washed along with me and put on a light-cream dress my sister had given me last year, now remembering, this was what she was transformed in. I did nothing for my blue eyes but it did make me look a lot darker.

Yes my friend, I have brown hair and blue eyes and dark skin. I look different next to Nina but I know that I take after my father, not Torton, but my actual father. I twirl around in the dress once and then walk downstairs. I see Madeline, Eric, Christine, Torton, Terra, Orton, Alan, Alexia, and...


I quickly run over and embrace him in a hug. He returns the hug and smiles. "How are you?" he aksed.

"Amazing," I say with a smile.

He puts an arm around me. I've known him since I was 5, which is 13 years today. "What do you want to do today?" he asks me with a slight smile.

"I don't know," I said with a sigh. He puts an arm around me and I brighten up completely.

I look at Alan and Alexia, they looked cute together. I could just imagine them together with a family, a big family. Alexia, craddling a baby child in her hand as a little boy chased an older girl around the room and Alan watching them with soft eyes.

I snapped out of my little day dream to hear Madeline. "Hey Nina, you wanna go see a movie? With your friends and Timmy and me and Eric?"

"Sure, but isn't that expensive?" I asked, confused.

"A little, but remember, I work now, we have money," she said jokingly. She, Eric, Timmy, Alan, Alexia, Terra, and Orton put on sunglasses. We all walked out of the house and closed the door tightly behind us as we hopped into Eric and Madeline's car.

After awhile silence, Madeline finally spoke. "Everyone, there is something Eric and I want to tell you all," she said, blonde curls forming around her beauitful face, making her crystal blue eyes a shimmering icy blue. If only I could look like her, she's so-

"I am expecting a child."

I scream a little but Timmy puts an arm around me. "Madeline, but I-I-" I start, not able to find words.

"Vampires can have children, Nina. Timmy was born to parents. They age, but stop at 18, remember?" she asked, looking at me.

"Oh, right," I say. I look at Madeline. Her face is calm, but I can't see her with a child. I look at Eric, his black hair a bat in the night, Madeline, her hair the moon in the night lighting up the world for that bat, but I can't imagine what they're child will look like.

Chapter 10Edit

We walk into the movie threatre with big containers of popcorn. The movie we were watching was.. Twilight. Kill me now. Why did they have to pick this movie? Oh right, it's the only one playing right now and we don't want to wait just to go watch a different movie. This movie sucks. It just makes fun of vampires.

Timmy puts an arm around me and i nestle my head in his chest. The movie starts. Boring!

This movie is so slow. I fall asleep and I wake up to see that dude name J-ward or something step into sunlight and start to sparkle.

"That is not what we do! We do not sparkle! Nor can we go into the light without sunglasses!" hissed every vampire except Madeline, Eric, Timmy, Alan, Alexia, Orton, and Terra who were flushed with this disgrace.

All of a sudden, I see a bunch of vampires jumping over the seats and running at the screen. "Don't!" I squeak but they don't listen, that or they didn't hear.

The attack the screen with teeth sharp and tearing at it. One of them goes for the projector and breaks it. Madeline and Eric shoo us out of the theatre and outside. I lean against Madeline and Eric's car.

"Total disgrace!" hissed Alexia.

"Calm down," Madeline says and they all shut up. "Why don't we go back to the house Eric and I stay in and watch a movie that way?" she suggest.

They all nod and we jump into the car. We drive to Madeline and Eric's house and pull into the garadge. As Madeline closes the garadge door and everyone removes their sunglasses, we walk straight into her house. Man it was huge!

I mean, just looking around made me choke a bit. I mean, it was beautiful, there was no beating that, but it was just... amazing. I stare around and walk straight toward the theatre room where Madeline said it was. Wow! How big was their house?

Timmy, Alexia, Alan, Terra, and Orton walk in after me, eyes huge. "How did you afford this?" asked Terra.

"We own a buisness where we cook food for all demons alike. We have some amazing choices, remember the resteraunt we own?" she asked, looking at me.

I just stare and shrug. She sighs.

"Well, there is a town of werewolves not far away as some of you know, called Wolfhall. We sometimes make delievery's there, though we meet them at the border line. And of course, we never cross the borders. If we did then it would bring around war.

"A war?" I asked.

"Yes, Nina, have you been paying attention in History?"

"A bit," I murmur.

She smiles and pats my head. Then she goes over to the shelf with all their movies and pulls one out and pops it in. We sit down on the chairs and couches that are there and watch the movie. Man is this better then Twilight!

Chapter 11Edit

I wake up. Everyone is in here, Madeline, Eric, Alexia, Alan, Terra, Timmy, Orton, and of course, me. I feel someone grab my hand and look up to see that it's Timmy. I smile a bit and he helps me up. I look at the rest of them, they are up and about.

I walk outside to see a big breakfast. "Whoa," I murmur, looking around.

"Yes, it's something, isn't it?" Madeline asks, coming up behind me.


"We got it ready earlier while you were asleep," she says with a laugh.

I laugh with her when I remember something. Vampires don't sleep. I am such and idiot sometimes!

We all walk over. Madeline and them are all having raw meat. Thankfully Madeline made me some pancakes, just the way I like them. A peice of butter with syrup drizzled over it. I start to eat and so do they.

"What is on the agenda for today?" I asked, looking at everyone.

"Eric and I have to work today. I'm sure you all can find something to do," Madeline says.

I look at them but they nod. Madeline smiles and she and Eric walk out of the house. I then hear their engine come to life and hear them leave. I wait for the sound of their motor to disappear before I looked at everyone. "What now?" I ask.

They give a wicked smile to Timmy who gasps. "B-But I promised Madeline not until tomorrow!"

"Come on Eric! They live like... maybe a half mile away!" Terra says, excitment in her voice.

"What's going on?" I ask, looking at everone.

"They want me to transform you now," he growls.

I gulp a bit and start to back away. "Listen, he did promise and-" I start but I get interupted.

"Get her!" squeals Alexia. Everyone of them topples me. We are 18, why are we acting like 5 year olds?

"Let's go," says Alan who grabs my hand and starts to drag me along.

I let out a scream but Timmy talks over me. "Put her down and actually let her walk!"

I feel their hands release my arms and hands and I pull them close to me and start to rub them. Timmy helps me up and I push against him and he puts a protective arm around me.

"Come on Thomas! Let's go get her transformed early! You know the Council would perfer now over never!"

"Okay," he sighs. "Sorry," he mouths to me and they start to run out the door to the Council building. It took us all of 30 seconds to get there.

He puts me down and leads us inside. We walk down a dark hallway, but I can see the ellegant designs eteched everywhere.

We walk through a door and I see three men sitting in very tall-backed chairs that were the color of blood-red. I remember their names to be Erisa, Telo, and Tursea from what my sister told me. Their icy blue eyes are watching me cross the room.

"Thomas," greets the one in the middle. "It's so nice to see you, and this is Nina, correct?"

"Correct Erisa." He is a bit stiff I notice.

"Is this for her transformation?" asks the one on the left.

"Yes Telo." He reaches for my hand. I let him take it and regret it, he is squeezing my hand to death.

"Today?" asks the one on the right.

"Yes Tursea." He looks at me and sees the grimace look on my face and lets go.

"When is your 19th birthday?" asks Tursea.

"A year from yesterday," I say.

All three of them look at each other when Erisa says, "Go on Thomas, transform her."

I look him in the eyes and there is pleading in his eyes. Then I feel his teeth sink into my neck...

Chapter 12Edit

I wake up and try to move my neck but a searing pain stops me. I let out a little wail and look up. Everyone is there, even Christine, Torton, Madeline, and Eric.

"Nina," Madeline says with relief. She hugs me. She helps me sit up and then looks at Alexia, Alan, Orton, and Terra. "You idiots! Why would you push Thomas to do that?! You've hurt many people today and you made me a very unhappy person!"

"Sorry," squeaks Alexia.

Madeline sighs. "Don't do something stupid like that again. Now everyone out except Thomas, Nina, me, Eric, Christine, and Torton."

I watch them leave, my eyes following them, not moving my neck in fear that I will hurt it more then it is.

I blink and Timmy takes a seat next to me. "How are you?" he asks, his voice soft. He puts an arm around me and pulls me in closer.

"My neck hurts, everything is different," I murmur.

He nods and what happens next was unexpected. He kisses me. I start to kiss him back when Eric clears his throat and we pull away. "Sorry," Timmy murmurs.

"It's okay," Madeline says with a quick laugh. "Any way, welcome to the vampire world Nina, enjoy it while you can," she says with a smile.

I set down the diary after reading that last page. What did Madeline mean when she said enjoy it while you can when I was first a vampire? Man, if only I had the power to see into the future like Madeline, but instead, I have the power to see things in the past that no one else can nor would understand unless you were the one of the founding vampire fathers of Stakeford. If only I had known then what was going to happen now...

Hurry, go catch up with Katniss (oh shush xD) before we set out for something huge. She'll guide you along then and there to your destination, and be warned, don't trust everyone you see...

Part 3Edit

Chapter 13Edit

I walk around with my mother and father. We are heading to their resteraunt that is called, "Madeline and Eric's Dine Out", it's not an interesting name but at least people come in and buy stuff like our new "Stake and Cheese". Yes, it's suppose to be Steak but my parents thought it was funny for it to be Stake so it is what it is.

We walk into the resteraunt and I change the closed sign to open. I start to order our maid for the resteraunt, Cilinia, to wash down the tables. We do have some workers but Cilina cleans the tables.

I walk to the back after tying up my hair and wash my hands. I go over to where we cook and I see my older brother by two years, Victor, walk in. I give him a hug. He's 14, I'm 12. I don't care much. I start to get things ready.

I go to the fridge and grab a peice of raw hamburger. I would eat it myself but I ate before we got here, a juicy porkbelly breakfast burrito, it was delicious.

I hear Victor coming over before he even takes a step. How? I have super hearing senses like most vampires. I give a quick run and back to where I was in a split second and read the paper. "2 Stake and Cheses". Wow, I guess people did want to try that.

I grabbed some of the raw meat, formed them into a hamburger, put them in between two pieces of bread with a slice of cheese both, and wrapped them up in paper. I dropped them into a paper bag and run over to Victor, hand it to him, and run back.

I hear a happy squeal from outside and look out the window. I smile. "Aunt Nina!" I squeal and run out of the kitchen and run over to her. She pulls me into a hug. "How are you?"

"Amazing, how is my favorite neice?" she asks.

"Amazing. Victor! It's Aunt Nina and Uncle Timmy!" I call into the kitchen.

A split second later, Victor is out there and is hugging Aunt Nina and Uncle Timmy. Already, he is taller then them, but shorter then father. "Where's Dali?" I ask, looking around.

"She's at home," Nina says with a smile. I smile also. Deli is only a few months old. I could tell the moment I saw her that she was one of us, a vampire, it was because of the crystal clear eyes.

Another reason was because she had the power of fire, which is odd, we usually avoid fire. Whereas Father can read minds, Mother has future sight, Aunt Nina has past sight, Uncle Timmy can control weather, Victor can fly while in human form whereas other vampries have to turn into bats to fly. What can I do? I have the power of the water. And just to let you know, holy water doesn't work on us.

I walk back into the kitchen so mother and Aunt Nina can talk. I hear Victor coming again and run over, grab the paper, and go back to my station and start to get things ready.

Chapter 14Edit

After our little meet with Aunt Nina and Uncle Timmy, we all sat around on one of the tables, talking happily. Then the phone rang. I listened to the song 'Safe and Sound' by Taylor Swift.

I remember tears streaming down your face when I said I'll never let you go.

When all those shadows almost killed your light.

I remember you said "Don't leave me here alone".

Well all that's dead and gone and past, tonight.

Then mother picked up the phone before it could continue. She took little notes and gave an occasional, "Uh-huh." Then she hung up. "Katniss! It was Wolfhall. They said they would like 7 Stake and Cheese. Yeah, they are werewolves so make sure you don't put any stakes in there! They might get ideas."

I nod and walk into the kitchen. 7 Stake and Cheeses? Big family or a lot of friends or something. Oh well.

I grab the buns and cheese and meat. I form the meat into burgers and put them all between the sunflower-seeded bread with cheddar cheese. I wrap them in the paper that has:Madeline and Eric's Dine Out writen on it and drop them in the bag that has:Madeline and Eric's Dine Out written on it also. I walk outside to find Madeline, Eric, Victor, Aunt Nina, and Uncle Timmy gone. Where are they?

I quickly run toward the door with the bag, my amber-red hair streaming out behind me. I start to hear snarling, growling, and the most frightening of them all, crying.

I quickly burst through the door and I am suddenly pushed back. It was Victor who pushed me back. "What's going on?!" I hiss up at him

"Those idiot wolves that ordered from us decided to come," he hisses back. I look around. Who was crying?

"Who was crying?" I asked, echoing my thoughts.

"Have you ever meet Alexia and Alan Cortez? If not, they were, their son just died fighting those werewolves," he said, eyes hard.

"Don't go fight them," I hear myself choke. "I can't lose you like they just lost their son."

He just sighs and gives me a hug. I look at Aunt Nina and Uncle Timmy and see them with a beauitful lady and a dashing man. The lady, Alexia I suppose, has black hair and icy blue eyes like most of us. The man, Alan I suppose, has light brown hair and icy blue eyes. They are crying over a very handsome young man that is my age and has Alexia's hair.

Suddenly the fighting stops and I hear our mom screaming at people. I look up and I can hear what she is screaming a lot better.

"Stop it! You stupid werewolves! You wait at the border to get your stupid food! You never cross that border! Now you've caused one of us to die! Katniss! Give them their food and I'll escort them to the border!" she screeched.

I quickly stand up and give her the food. Her crystal clear eyes are a burning fire. She grabs it quickly and starts to walk off toward the border. The werewolves trailing behind her.

Once they are gone, I listen to the crying of Alexia and Alan. Did they have anymore children or was he their only child? I look back at him. He was very beautiful, but not my type. Who was he meant to be with? Was that even discovered for him? Oh well, if not, I feel sorry for whoever he was suppose to be with, if that was anyone...

Chapter 15Edit

Mother returned, her facical expression the same it had been before she took them away, striken and angry.

We also closed early, we couldn't stand another event like earlier, and she probably will stop delivering to Wolfhall, that is, if she feels like it, there is still the matter of money, so she probably won't, but she'll be more careful for sure...

We arrive at our house in the matter of minutes. I still love our house, it's huge. There is the screening room, a big black screen in the biggest room in our house.

Then there's my room, a fiery red room with a large bed with a canopy over it. I love it because I can be in there without having to bother with many people. It's so peaceful in there, I love to listen to the owls outside and the howls of the werewolves and the laughter of witches and the silent moving of the warlocks and the high-pitched laughter of mermaids in the pond outside and the squealing of pixes and fearies.

I don't get why we are all at odds. But then again, there is the matter of demons that attack every type of different species, and the humans that have trained to kill them that sometimes kill us. I don't like them but they rid us off demons so I guess they are okay...

I walk into the dining room where there isa big kitchen, all stainless steel, I love it in there also, but it's nothing like my room. Mother loves it in here next to her room also.

Victor and father on the other hand love their rooms after the kitchen and screening room, they love food and movies. Oh yeah, they love the gaming room also.

Now, as for the entire family, we all love being outside where there is a big pool. It's fun to sit around and sometimes play in the water.

I eat a quick something before walking upstairs to my room. I lay down on my bed. I love everything in there. Everything in a fiery red, and I love the color because I love my hair and it matches it pretty well.

I grab one of the books on the bookself and look at the cover.

Hmm... I'll read it, I guess.

So I start to read the book.

Chapter 16Edit

There is a knock on the door and I set the book down. I'm already 3/4 of the way done. I answer it and look at the figure standing in my doorway. I smile. It's Victor's girlfriend, Cari.

She smiles also and gives me a hug. I love her blinding blonde hair, it comforts me a lot. She puts me down and says, "Katniss, it's time for dinner downstairs. Your mother told me to come get you."

I nod and head downstairs. I see my mother, father, Aunt Nina, Uncle Timmy, Dali, Victor, Alexia, and Alan. They look striken with grief and I really can't blame them. I mean, they did just lose their son, their son with black hair and tanish skin and crystal clear blue eyes...

"Come sit down Katniss!" says Aunt Nina with a smile. I sit down next to Victor and Dali. I smile at Dali who giggles. I pat her head and she giggles again. She likes to giggle, can't you tell?

Oh well, it doesn't matter. I quickly eat and before I can leave, Aunt Nina speaks. "Well, that was good. Katniss, there is something that I would like to show you," she says with a smile.

I look at her, confused, but nod and follow her outside. She leads me through town, I love all the buildings and all, but ours it more... bigger.

We are going towards the border, I guess. We soon reach there and I can see the faint outline of a mansion, a big one at that. "Why are we here?" I ask.

"That mansion marks Wolfhall, where the werewolves live. Over there," she says, pointing to some other distant city that I can see, "is Craftington. That's where the witches and warlocks live. Over there," she says, pointing toward another faint outlined city, "is Trickingham. The faeries and pixies live there. Over there," she says, pointing to the creepiest looking city of them all, "is Demontervillie. Demons live there. And finally, over there," she says, pointing to another city that looked really calm, too calm in fact, "is where the Nephilim, or Shadowhunters, live. Of course, they don't hurt us, but mainly because we don't give them reason to," she said, her voice shaking a bit.

"You okay?" I aks her, looking at her with conserned eyes.

"Fine," she says, relaxing a bit.

I sigh and we start to head back to my house. I remember the way now, it's a lot simplier also.

I still don't get why there are so many creatures that people think to be fake that really are real. Why don't they ever believe us? I mean, we are living proof that they are real...

I really don't care right now. I'm just going to go to me room and read. No one will stop me from doing that!

I get home and walk up to my room. I grab the book I was reading and start to read it again...

Chapter 17Edit

I must of fell asleep while reading it. Yes, we can sleep, but for only a small amount of time. My brother is pounding on my door so I go to get it. "Yes?" I ask him, looking up at him.

"Come on katniss, it's time for school," he says with a laugh.

I jump, slam the door shut and run to my shower. I take a very quick shower and run toward my dresser and grab the dress that was handed down in my family. A cream dress. I love to wear it. I also put on my flats, I mean, I am running, there is no time for high heels. I grab my bookbag and my book I was reading and run downstairs. Victor is waiting there for me. He is going toward the high school werehas i am going to the middle school. We both run out of the house after saying bye to mom and dad and we run for it.

I soon reach the middle school. I am greeted by my friends. Kaitlyn,Andrea, Lynnie, Ben, David, Anthony and... Max. I stop quickly and and we all talk for a bit. Max is staring at me. Carmel-brown hair, crystal brown eyes, tan skin, he is the perfect human ever that you could ever want, perfect, but he wasn't one of us. I hear the bell to start heading to class and we all head to class.

Max is standing next to me, brown eyes on me. I keep staring into them as if a story should unwind itself to me, but it doesn't, and mother said that if they are your love, then that story would unwind. I keep thinking it will but it won't, it makes me sad...

In class, I sit next to all of them. Lynnie next to Ben, Kaitlyn next to David, Andrea next to Anthony, and I'm next to Max. But yet again, he's not meant for me, so there is somebody out there meant for him. Just that he hasn't meet them yet...

The lesson, I don't really remember. It's lunch time also. "What did we learn in first, second, and third period?" I asked around.

"We just went over tests," murmured Andrea. She's always so quiet. Always...

"Yeah, same things we've been learning for awhile, so your good," Kaitlyn said.

I look over at Lynnie and Ben. They are just staring at each other, lovingly. They are only 12 but they know they are meant for each other, they just do...


Chapter 18Edit

I never looked Max in the eyes, Lynnie thinks he might be the one, but i'm not sure...

Max walks over, but I can't see his eyes under sunglasses. "Where'd you get those?" I ask him.

"Store, they always have 'em, don't know why," he ponders though.

I sigh and grab his shoulder. "Your very odd," I say with a laugh.

He smiles and presses closer to me and brushes my firey red hair.

I smile but then side step as he was leaning and he stumbled forward. "And clumsy."

He looks at me, clearly annoyed. We both walk to class, me hiding in my laughter.

He takes of his sunglasses and reaches for my hand. I turn to face him when my eyes meet with is and now I do know. He is meant for me.

I grab his hand almost instantly and he smiles. We both head to class. I want to tell Max everything I know, but I can't, he can't know. He can't know about vampires. If only we could run away together, so he doesn't have to become one of us, just maybe...

We sit next to each other but I am suddenly pulled away by my friends.

"Well?" asked Lynnie.

I nod and she gives a little squeal.

"Now hush, no telling him anything about any of this! I can't let him become one of us, I just can't," I whisper to them. They look at me in confusion.

"Why not Katniss?" questions Andrea.

"He doesn't deserve that kind of life. He can't, I don't want him to, I don't want to live forever either. I just want... him..." I look at them and everyone is silent.

"Katniss, the council won't change you back to normal, they'll just keep you human and Max'll be killed," says a hushed Kaitlyn.

"I know but..." I sigh. "I guess if that's what has to happen," I murmur. I walk back to my seat and smile at Max. I write on a piece of paper,

Go to my parent's diner so we can talk, I must tell you something.

-Katniss <3

I give it to Max and he skims over it and smiles and nods at me.

I sigh and look up so we can learn more today.

Chapter 19Edit

I'm at the diner, waiting for Max to come. Suddenly, the door opens and my head shots up. "Max," I say, more relaxed.

He walks over to me and sits down. "Katniss, what's wrong?" he asks me.

"It's about me, this town," I say. Max looks confused but I go on. "We aren't... normal, regular."

"Katniss, what is it?!" Max shouts a bit.

I don't flinch once by his sudden anger. He takes notice on this. "Why didn't you just flinch? Katniss, are you a-" he gasps then jumps up.

"We all are," I murmur. I look him in the eyes and sigh.

Max starts to back away. "Max, we don't harm humans, I won't harm you," I say, reaching a hand out to him.

"Get away from me!" he shouts then runs out the door.

"Max!" I shout after him. I walk over to the door to see him running away. "Max wait!" I shout and run over, reaching him within secons. "Max, please," I beg.

"Your a bloodsucking vampire! Why didn't you tell me?!" he shouts.

"I couldn't, I don't want you to have to deal with all this torture. I don't want you to be what I am, what we all are, monsters," I say to him.

"Forget it, I don't want to hear this," he says, taking a step.

"Max, I can catch you over anything, please stop, I don't want to be immortal. I don't want to be a monster, I want to be human... with you," I finish.

He looks at me, eyes now slightly bigger. "Really?" he asks, his voice now soft.

I nod my head. Max takes a step toward me and I reach a hand out. He takes it and pulls me into a hug. I smile. "Really," I murmur.

"Hey Katniss? What happens if a vampire kisses a human?" he asks.

"I dunno, but I think that we should look it up," I murmured.

We walk to the library and then I go on the computer. I search what happens. "I found what happens when a demon falls in love, but not if a vampire falls in love," she murmured.

After 5 years of Searching for the CureEdit

"Katniss! Katniss!" calls Max.

I look up at him and smile. "Yes Max?" I ask him.

"I think I found this. But we need a witch or warlock to fix you up a potion," he says.

I smile. "What potion? How long will it take?" I ask him.

"A few weeks," he says.

I nod and we walk out of my house. I grab his hand and then uses the air to form water. I use it float us toward Craftington to get a potion.

I settled us down on the grass at the border. Almost instantly, there was a flash and a group of witches and warlocks were there, waiting. I stand up. "I need a potion, a potion to turn me human. I no longer want to be a vampire, I want to be... free," I tell them.

Probably the youngest girl walks to the front. "I am Marilee, the newest witch apart of the council, acing all my studies in school, earning me a spot here. Why should we make you a potion?" she asks.

"Why do you want? Anything, I don't want to be a vampire," I plead.

A much older witch smiles, pushing Marilee back. "You may become human, but for that to happen, a human must become a vampire, you must switch positions." She covers Marilee's mouth before she can interject.

"No!" I shout. "We aren't doing no such thing to him!" I shout, pointing at Max.

The witch laughs. "Either you or him," she says again.

I narrow my eyes and summon water. It forms around me and Max, taking us back to my house. "I can't lose you like this! I just can't!" I shout, giving him a hug.

Max rubs my hair. "Katniss, is there anymore humans in Stakeford?" he asks me.

I think. "The new kid, Valorie. Why?" I ask. Then I gasp. "Max, I won't let anyone become a vampire, not for me," I murmur.

"Katniss, she wants to be one though," he murmurs, stating facts.

I nod. "Let's go see her," I murmur. I then summon water again and float us over to where she is. When then land and Valorie smiles.

"Hi," she says to us.

I nod. "Do you want to become a vampire?" I ask her.

She squeals. "TOTALLY!" she squeals again.

I look at Max and then summon water again and carry us to the border with Craftington. We land on the grass softly and they are almost instantly there.

The witch that told me about the switching thing steps forward. "Who is becoming a vampire?" she asks.

I nod my head to Valorie who smiles a bit.

The witch gives a sigh and then steps forward. She keeps murmuring some spell under her breathe. Suddenly, I feel things getting... more fluent, visible. I look at Valorie to see her as pale as ice with my crystal blue eyes.

I gasp then hug Max. I grab him and kiss him. I then look at Valorie. "Are you okay?" I ask her.

"Super," she said with a smile.

I smile also and try to summon water but I can't, I'm not longer a vampire. I try harder though, and it does work, as I apparently kept my powers.

It surrounds us. I look at them and nod. "Thanks," I murmur. I hover us back to our home.

I expect to see my parents at home, but no one is. We wander back torwards the screeches and growling and then see werewolves and vampires fighting. "Stop!" I shout, running through the crowds. People are staring at me.

Victor grabs my arm. "YOUR HUMAN!" he shouted.

"Shush Victor!" I scream, pulling away surprisingly easily. I run through the crowd faster and then I am between them. "Stop it now! You shouldn't be fighting! We never did anything, so you all have no rights to attack!" I hiss.

The werewolves back off a bit. "Now, go away, go!" I shout at them.

They then retreat, some easier then others.

Max finally gets through the crowd and hugs me. "Katniss," he says with a smile.

I shake my head. "It's no longer Katniss," I say with a smile. "It is now Savannah."

Max smiles and gives me a kiss. But then I hear running footsteps and pull away from him. I look at my parents.

"Your not vampire anymore," my mother murmurs.

"No, because I won't change Max, I want to grow old with him and not be 18 forever," I say with a nod.

Mother sighs but hugs me. "Stay safe on your journey," she murmurs.

I smile and hug her back. I then pull away and form water around me and Max. "We'll visit, you know? And heck, I might pass for a good witch," I say with a smile. I give her a final wave and then I tried the transportation spell. I let the water cover us and we soon appear in the outskirts of the cities. I hug Max. "Time to start our own family," I murmur to him.

He smiles and brushes my hair. "Yes," he says with a nod.


With SavannahEdit

I walk out of the house of my town, trailing behind me is Vanessa and Warent. In my arms is the newest adition to our family, young Gaby.

I hand her to Max to hold her and then people crowd around us, many reporters, most of the town probably is here.

I push back the fire-red hair that was in my face so I can see her better. I smile down at her and she holds her little hands out. I smile and kiss her forehead.

With VictorEdit

Cari walks over, crystal blue eyes shining. She is holding a newspaper. She hands it to me. "Read it," she murmurs.

I unfold it and look at the headline. I smile. "Savannah has had number 3," I say, looking at it. It shows a girl with fire-red hair hugging a young baby girl with her same hair. I smile again.

Cari walks up behind me and places her hand on my shoulder.

"Daddy! Daddy!" comes my daughter's cheerful voice. I turn around to face her. "Yes?" I ask her.

"Auntie is here!" she squeals.

I look confused but Cari smiles. She grabs my hand and leads me to the front room. Venia opens the door and in comes Savannah, smiling brightly. "I did say I was visiting, didn't I?" she says with a laugh. She then hugs me.

"How did you get here so fast?" I ask her.

"I can still use my water powers, and I did master teleporting with it," she says, smiling again.

I smile and hug her. I then go to meet her family and Max.