This is a short story I wrote for my English class a long time ago. I was looking through some old computer files and documents and I found it, so I thought I'd share with you guys. Lemme know what you think :).

~ Clove

The ShadowEdit

The dark rainclouds soared overhead. Looking out my window, I noticed the figure, covered by a black cloak, running through the street. It looked up at the gray sky. Then, it looked at me and I saw its red eyes glow, which sent a chill down my spine. I turned from my window, but I could still feel its eyes, glaring at me, almost as if they were burning through my skin. I turned back to the window, and from the edge of its cloak, I saw the creature’s hideous claws peeking out. Out of nowhere, a flash of lightning struck the middle of the street. It lasted 2 seconds, but that was all I needed to see the creature’s face in the white glow. It was as pale as fog, but its eyes were as red as burning coals. Suddenly, it ran towards the door of my house. I heard it coming up the spiral staircase that led up to the bedrooms. I shut the blinds in my room. Then, I tried to move as much furniture as I could to block the entrance. I pushed my dresser and my desk, but I feared it would not be enough. When I had finished moving all of the furniture that I could, I heard its light footsteps approaching my door. I rushed to lock the door, but I stopped dead in my tracks, my fingertips barely brushign over the door-knob. A thought came to my head, what if it’s just my imagination running wild? My thought was interrupted by the pounding at my door. It’s not my imagination, I thought, shaking with fear. It pounded, kicked, and screamed with all of its might, but the door would not open. Then, all was silent.