​ I lay on a tree starving, and lost. I can't sleep either. In front of me, I see an argument. "Peeta, you shoud be ashamed of yourself!" The woman shouted at the boy so called Peeta. " I tried my best, and that's what matters!" Peeta shouts back. " Well I know you can do better." The woman says and walks into the cottage. Peeta stares at me and throws a loaf of bread. I don't know him, and he gave me a loaf of bread!

Shocked, I gobble up the bread, and try to find my way home.

Five years later, my younger sister Primrose, screams in terror. I calm her down, Primrose still scared. " I had a dream Katniss. " Primrose said to me. " Tell me what your dream was Prim. " I usually call her Prim. " Katniss, it was about being reaped for the Hunger Games.