Merecat by scubachris

So I wrote this story a while ago now and I thought i'd dig it up and share some of it with you. I never really got round to finishing it but here goes.

Chapter OneEdit


===Musk ===

He was stood there. Sweating, The High Court was staring at him; a Human, a Penguin, a Cow and a Skunk. This was just part of the High Court and in three seconds he would turn into his hidden animal. Two seconds. One second.

That was it, he was his animal. It was a Meerkat. He sighed as he knew that the Meerkat was a good animal, he was going to the Cats side. Even though he was good he still couldn’t help being disappointed with his Meerkat form. He was led to an entrance to the left hand side by a Seal and it waddled beside him as they made their way to the opening. “I’m taking you to the Court Of Cats where our leader and his generals will decide what rank you are, “Said the Seal. A couple of Chickens greeted them as they walked into the Court Of Cats. There was a huge Lion sat on a high platform with a Tiger on one side and a Cheetah on the other and behind him sat a Leopard. A couple of other animals like a Lynx, Jaguar, Snow Leopard, Cheetah, Puma and a Leopard were stood or sat around the Lion. A couple of domestic Cats were dotted around as well. Now he knew why it was called the Court Of Cats. He steadily approached the Lion and whilst he did this the Three Generals (Tiger, Cheetah and Leopard) studied him closely. “I am Sanda,” Whispered the Cheetah,” The Sergeant would like to know what position you would like,” He was taken back by this and thought that he could not chose anything. “An exciting one,” He blurted out. The Tiger chuckled and whispered something to the Lion. “Well, I am Grip and I think that Cambar has told the Sergeant a good position for you,” Said the Tiger as he nodded towards the Leopard. “Hello little one. I am the leader of this team and my name is Chasen. Cambar and I have chosen the perfect position for you. You will from this day onwards be known as Musk the Watchman. Snapper will take you to your room and show you your roommates,” Chasen beckoned to the Puma behind Musk. In an instant it jumped off one of the smaller rocks in which it was sitting on and led the way through the entranced in which he had gone into. The Seal who had led him in backed away and disappeared into another room. Musk followed Snapper past long lines of rooms filled with different things and different animals all rushing to and fro. Everyone had a job to do and he was going to be one of the castle watchmen. At last Snapper took him into a small sandy room that the Puma could barely fit in. “Hope you like your new home,” said Snapper and padded out. Musk looked around; there were about twenty or more other Meerkats. All had sandy and dirt stuck in their fur and everyone had green goggles on and was using them to study him. One of the larger and dustier Meerkats stepped forward. It took off its goggles and looked at Dusk with large black eyes. “I see that you, are new here. I am Mask and I’m the leader of the Meerkats. The Meerkats are the watchmen of the castle and we are always working. This is just one patrol you are seeing.” Greeted Mask in a feminine voice which meant it was a girl. “Hello there. I have just been named Musk by Chasen,” said Musk back. If about twenty five Meerkats were in one patrol then there must be a heck of a lot of watchmen, thought Musk. Most of the Meerkats had gone back to relaxing but some still had their black eyes on Musk. “I suppose now that I will have to put you in a patrol. You will be in Patrol 1, this one. We start in two minuets. Stark, show him his goggles,” said Mask pointing to the biggest of the Meerkats. Stark gave Musk one of the green goggles. “These will help you see things that other animals can’t and help you see over long distances,” said Stark shoving the goggles into Musk’s paws. Musk put them on. If he thought that he had good eyes sight in the past then he did now. Despite the green lenses, everything could be seen in its actual colour. Every little item in the room stood out to Musk. The other Meerkats were getting ready and some of the others from another patrol were starting to come in. They were even messier than the first. Musk fell in beside Stark and behind of Mask who was talking to another Meerkat, probably the deputy of all the Meerkats or the leader of that patrol. That day Patrol 1 were patrolling the North side of the territory. There were five different patrols and they either patrolled north, east, south and west sides of the castle’s territory whilst one patrol rested for a while. Then a patrol was split into 10 different teams. Musk was set in Team 4 with four other Meerkats: Rasher, VIV, Duster and Sweeper. The North side was the side in which you could see the other castle, the evil castle. But with the goggles on you were able to see if any animal was going in or out. The other Meerkats were scouring on all their two back legs. Musk thought that he should copy them but they were more skilled at it than he was and he ended up falling over a couple of times and Duster and Sweeper had to help him up. Now more than ever he wished that he had turned into a cat... or better, a Lion! But then Musk saw a small dot pulling into the castle. He zoomed in with his goggles and he saw it was a Moose draw cart and in the cart there were various objects that Musk didn’t know. But he did know that they didn’t look good. “There’s a Moose! A moose pulling a cart into that tower!” cried Musk raising the alarm to the other teams and the nearby Patrols. Mask and Stark came up beside him as well as some other Meerkats. “Oh, golly! There is a spider coming out to meet him!” cried VIV. “It’s taking it inside.” “What should we do?” Then Mask spoke, “A couple of us go and see Chasen in the Court Of Cats and tell him what we saw. Me, Stark, Rasher and Musk shall go.” Musk thought that Stark was definatley second in command or somewhere high ranking. Mask ordered the others to carry on whilst they went off for a moment. When they got inside and got to the door of the Court Of Cats. Musk hadn’t been this way before as now there were two enormous Polar Bears clad in gleaming white armour and holding enormous spears that bared the doorway stood on their hind legs at a golden door decorated with carvings of cats. “We are here to talk to Chasen”, said Mask looking up at one of the Polar Bears. “You can go in but you must wait for he is speaking with one of the new animals”, boomed the Polar Bear. Then both took their spears to their sides and opened the doors. When the Meerkats stepped in all the cats were in different places except Chasen, Sanda, Grip and the Leopard. In the middle of the court was a Cat and Chasen was just finishing naming her Shard, a warrior of the Court Of Cats. She went and sat by a Jaguar who was talking quietly to her. The four Meerkats went to the middle of the Court. Chasen looked at them with kind eyes. “My lord”, said Mask bowing, “We have come before you today because Musk, one of our new watchmen, has seen a Moose draw cart going into the Black Castle. We also saw it and a Spider went out to meet the Moose and then brought it into the Castle.” A couple of gasps went up around the Court and some muttering went around. Even the Generals started muttering to each other.

“What does the Spider do?” asked Musk. “Well,” said the Leopard called Dotty, “The Spider is the King of The Black Castle’s personal assistant. An animal that hasn’t been seen by us or any neutral animal for a long time.” Some more murmurs went out. “What does this mean?” “It would mean nothing at the moment. Good job Mask. And well done to you Musk. Keep your eyes open and anymore suspicious things report back to one of us immediately,” Said Chasen and with that the contents of the Court of Cats all went into different rooms and Chasen’s was the largest with Grip’s right beside his. A couple of concerned voices came from there and Musk guessed that Chasen, Grip, Sanda and Dotty were talking about the issue that the Meerkats had just raised.

Chapter 2Edit


Dotty had come to him early that morning. Chasen was still relaying the message that Mask had given him the night before and was still trying to work out what to do.

“Chasen, you are needed in the Court Of Cats. We are starting.” Chasen followed Dotty out without saying a word and then sat on his spot with Grip on his left, Sanda on his right and Dotty behind him. Chasen secretly wished that the next animal would either be a Cat or a Polar Bear or some other Fighter as he needed warriors. There was a fight coming up. Out of the tunnel that led into the High Court there came a Seal and behind it flew a Golden Eagle, the biggest he had ever seen. Its beak and feet were so yellow that they even looked like they were gold. The Golden Eagle landed in the middle of the Court and even when stood up it was taller than some of the Cats. Chasen had named him Gleemer, the Sky Fighter and Dotty told Gleemer some other things she needed to know before Claw led her out of the Court. Two more Golden Eagles came that day and the last one had a scar on one wing, like he had been fighting all of his life. Then a black and white Hamster who was named Num, the Searcher came. A couple more animals came in like three Dragonflies, one more Hamster, lots of mice and a Hare. Then the news came. A small band of Mice came in with Scurries at the head. All of them looked terrible like they had just been in a horrible fight.

“My Lord, “said Scurries weakly, “We mice are fighting a large fight as a very large group of Rats attacked Patrol 1. Many Mice have died but some are still fighting with them.” Said Scurries, breaking out into a small coughing fit.

“You have got a whole new Patrol of Mice coming your way anyway but I shall come with you and help you fight this battle. Grip, take over for me”, said Chasen jumping off his spot and letting Grip take the lead. It was like the Olds were answering his wishes for him by giving him a whole new range of fighters. He turned a corner and found a tunnel with the walls full of scratch marks and dead Mice were nearly everywhere with some dead Rats as well. The new Mice had gotten involved and even some Horses had come to help. Chasen roared and swiped and pounced at the rats most fell down and never got up again but others disappeared into the hole in which they came. Only Mice could fit through there and Scurries cried for a couple of Mice to follow them with him. Chasen managed a small smile at Scurries newly found energy and watched them go.

“When they come back tell them to bring all of the Mice who had been fighting into the Court Of Cats”, Said Chasen to the nearest Mouse that hadn’t gone. He then went away to the Court but made a stop at the Orang-Utans and told them to tend to the injured Mice and to bury the dead. When he got to the Golden Door the Polar Bears let him past and he saw the other cats’ talking as nothing was happening and no new animals or news was being brought in. Grip saw him and jumped off Chasen’s spot and into his own.

“How is it?” asked Sanda

“Not good. Many Mice are dead but many more have been brought in today”, replied Chasen and Grip and Dotty all listened in.

“Well after you went we had one Horse and a new Snow Leopard,” said Grip and he nodded to the largest Snow Leopard on the far side of the Court.

“I have told the Mice to come back here after the Orang-Utans tend to their wombs. I have a gift to give them”, said Chasen to his Generals.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit strange though? The Spider yesterday and now an attack of Rats!” pointed out Dotty.

“Yes. Sanda go to the Golden Eagles and tell them to help the Meerkats. Tell them if they see anything then send some to tell me and the others should attack right away. And tell the Meerkats not to be alarmed and if the Golden Eagles attack something then they should help them.”

“I’ll do it right away.” Sanda jumped down and walked out of the Golden Door. Dotty took Sanda’s place and Chasen turned to Grip.

“And Grip I would like you to take a fighting patrol out tonight for a couple of hours.” Grip nodded and went out of the Court and called for some others to follow him. One of them was the newest Snow Leopard as well as three Lynxes and a Panther. Only one more new animal came that day and it was a Hedgehog, Spine E. Then the Mice came in. They looked a lot better after the Orang-Utans treatment but still few.

“In the presence of all Cats now in the Court Of Cats I present to you the Mice and their leader Scurries. Today they were taken by surprise by a large group of Rats who attack and killed some of the Mice. But today for this courage I am upgrading them to a Bronze Species and I am telling the Frogs to forge Bronze Helmets and Bronze Tail Guards for all of you. And now a special gift for Scurries I am asking the Frogs to make you a Silver Helmet and a Silver Tail Guard.” A cheer of gratitude went up for the Mice and they were overjoyed at this prize that Chasen had given them.

“They will be at your rooms tomorrow afternoon”, croaked Smasher, leader of the Frogs from the far side of the Court. Scurries bowed and limped out with his Species behind. Chasen still wondered how such small animals could make armour and weapons so fast, they had to make over five hundred Bronze Helmets and Tail Guards and one Silver ones. Chasen and the other Cats retreated back to their rooms except Grip and his Patrol. Chasen fell into an uneasy sleep and wondered what tomorrow would bring.

Chapter 3Edit


Blunk had heard about what had happened to the Mice. He didn’t care. The Rhinos were a Golden Species and much more powerful than the Mice. He had a Pure White Helmet anyway, it covered all of his head except his eyes and mouth and anyway he had an extra White Horn Shield on top of that. A Rhino’s body didn’t need to be covered because they would just charge and the enemy doesn’t have another shot.

Blunk was the leader of the Rhinos. The reason that the leaders of different species had higher ranking armour to the rest of the species who had the armour to match what ranking species they were was to show who was the leader and other things like that. Blunk didn’t really understand, but he knew he was better that others.

Apparently there was going to be a big fight this afternoon and Blunk couldn’t wait. He wanted his Species to be Pure White ranking but then he had to keep his Pure White Armour his Species had to be Diamond ranking for him to get his Diamond Armour. The only Species that had done that were the Cats. And for them to do that they had to stand out so Blunk was rallying his ‘troops’ before the fight.

It was after that when a Lynx came into their room and called them to the Court Of Cats. They followed it and met up with some other Species: A small batch of Golden Eagles, millions of swarms of Bees and Pelicans. The two Polar Bear Guards had moved to the side and allowed the other animals to go into the Court Of Cats. All of the animals called there had on their armour and so did Chasen, His Pure White Helmet gleamed like Diamonds and he had a Gold Breast plate, Silver Tail Guard and Bronze Claw Guards. Grip, Sanda and Dotty all had Solid Diamond Armour on and a Golden Helmet. Most of the other Cats in the Court had their Pure White Armour on but others were staying and Chasen had put a Puma called Snapper in charge whilst Chasen and the generals were gone.

“My Troops”, cried Chasen “, today we shall go into battle against the Troops of the Black Tower and we WILL come back victorious!” And with that Chasen led out with his other Generals in their usual place and around six Polar Bears on all fours came with them brandishing Spears.

When the troop of six species came outside they went to meet the other side, of the Black Tower. Their army consisted of Owls, Warthogs, Dogs and some Black Bears. At their head there was a large white Wolf clad in Jet Black Armour with was so Black that it looked like shadows were dancing at aits feet. Some of the other Wild Dogs had Jet Black Armour but none had shadows around them like the leader.

The Owls took to the sky and so did the Pelicans and the Golden Eagles. The Cats and the Dogs all charged after each other. The Rhinos soon came up at the side and were in front of the Cats, with Blunk at their head. The Warthogs had done the same for the others and on impact a huge tackling of horns and smashing sounds went ringing out across the landscape. The Bees still hadn’t attacked and were waiting until the last moment. They had risen above the clouds and were hidden from view. Then a black sea spread across the sky. It was thousands of Bats, then out of the clouds attacked the Bees. Most of the Bats fell to the ground and some Jackals and even one Black Bear were killed.

The leader of the Warthogs was tackling with Blunk and it looked like Blunk was winning. He had pushed it so far that it was nearly lying on the ground next to another Warthog who was battling with Plull. Then Blunk rammed his horn so hard into the Warthog leader that it pierced its Breastplate and was plunged into its chest. Many of the nearby Warthogs saw what had happened to their leader and started to retreat, pulling their Leaders body behind them. It might have only been one death but it seemed to affect the other Species and even the shadowy Wolf, battling Chasen seemed smaller and less powerful. Blunk charged at a nearby Black Bear, who was tired and beaten, it finished it off and only three Black Bears were against six Polar Bears and some Rhinos.

There were now fewer Owls left but very few Golden Eagles, hundreds more Bees and some Pelicans were left in the sky. The other Rhinos, with Blunk had turned onto the Dogs. One of the first Rhinos to charge charged so hard that it knock over a Greyhound and sent it flying into a Bull Dog. Both died instantly. The Shadow Wolf barked something at the remaining Troops of the Black Tower and they backed away with a few Owls and Bats following them. The Castle of White had suffered many losses as well and some of Blunk’s friends were lying on the floor, one of his brothers had died also.

Out of the White Castle came a group of Orang-Utans who carried the dead back into the castle behind the remaining troops walked back to the castle. Dotty had told the Rhinos and the Bees to come to the Court Of Cats. When they passed into the Court Of Cats nearly all of the remaining Cats had their Armour off and Chasen was eagerly awaiting his guests.

“Ahh, here you are!” said Chasen calling for everyone’s attention, “Today as most of you will know there was a large fight and today I bring to you the two Species who did the best in the fight. Now first the Bees. You came to us when we were most in need and dealt with the Bats easily and for this I am upgrading you to a Silver Species. And for your Leader, Sting, Gold armour. Now the Rhinos I am upgrading you to Pure White ranking Species. Because their Leader, Blunk killed the leader of the Warthogs, made the Warthogs retreat and killed the Third in Command of the Black Bears. The rest of you shall have Pure White Armour whilst Blunk must keep his and only change it when his Species is ranked as a Diamond Species.”

With that a group of Seals led them out of the Court of Cats and closed the Golden Doors behind them.