Chapter 1: Sept 8, 4000 4:35 a.mEdit


Zosime's Diary

Dear Diary,

Today I start at my new school at The Red Rose Academy for the Children of the High and Mighty or what my mother calls it TRRACHM. I’m not happy about it. My mother isn’t either.

I sit in the back seat of the car that is taking me to TRRACHM. Rich my bodyguard is sitting up front.

I got you this morning, my mother gave it. she told me that I must write in you every day. she said her mother had given one to her before she left for TRRACHM and now I have one. I promised her that I would write in you even though I think it is stupid. But she is my mother and I made a promise and I made a promise to her.

My mother gave me instructions how I’m suppose to write in you.

  1. I’m suppose to write in you every day.
  2. I’m not supposed to call you a it.
  3. I’m to write from my heart and soul. (when I asked what that meant she said to write what I felt and not what others told me to feel. I still don’t get it.)
  4. Always write the date and time I started to write.
  5. Keep the key to you always around my neck.
  6. Hide you.

Now as I said this over I realize that you don’t even know who I am. My name is Zosime, weird name I know. My mother tells me it is a name from an old language call Greek(but now every one speaks Nofan). My name means survivor. My father named me that because I was the only child that they had that survived. Although I do have a younger brother named Yuval which means stream. Though I think it means loud. I guess that might be the best part about going away... won't be able to hear him.

I know that is mean to say, but it’s true he is always talking really loud and he doesn’t know when to shut up. Father sometimes orders Mike to beat him to make him quiet, but that doesn’t make anything better it only makes it worse. That is why I’m happy to leave. I won’t be able to hear his cries.

I’ll write later I promise.


Author's NoteEdit

Hi I'm hannah230. I hope you enjoyed reading this stories. I promise, more to come.