The Chronicles of Avatar: The Freedom Fighters is an Avatar-verse stories, which comprised the creation of Freedom Fighters, a rebellion group of warriors. Written by Acer Indonesia.

Plot overview Edit

Long ago, one year before the Avatar come after 100 years, the war raged on. Despite this, a little family managed to thrive peacefully without any indignation and torture. A pair of brothers, Jim and Jerry, made their way through life without the love and guidance of parents. Their father had perished in the war, and their mother had long been kidnapped by a Fire Nation soldier. Jim eventually stepped forward, gathering all of his fellow orphan children and instilling them with his strength and trust. They soon shared his ambition to end the war, without the help of the missing Avatar. And like the cycle of seasons, the cycle of the fighters began anew.

Chapters Edit

Book One: Angst and Torture Edit

0. "Prologue: Undesirable Moment" - Released May 13, 2012 (Avatar Wiki)

The new story, from a little family. A quiet peace family, without any harm and depression--but suddenly crashed by Fire Nation, confront the two brothers until a destiny that makes they left their beloved father alone. Forever.

1. "Regret" - Released May 25, 2012 (Avatar Wiki)

The little family moved to Senlin Village, looking for a better life. The rest of the angst from the fire still carved on their heart, especially remember their beloved papa. The Gaipan villager moved here, along with the erased memory from Fire Nation.

2. "A New Life" - Released June 1, 2012 (Avatar Wiki)

Jim and Jerry start a new life, live with "monsters" who called them it, right while their mother works as a servant, far far away from them. The two didn't know about their future lives, just time is the answer.

3. "Refugee" - Released June 8, 2012 (Avatar Wiki)

The two brothers finally found their own destiny. Their mother was disappeared, meshed as time goes by from their memory. Luckily, there was another orphan who has been skilled in his weaponry. Indeed, with the power of the arrow. Without any parents care, would they surivive?

4. Freedom Fighters" - Released June 15, 2012 (Avatar Wiki)

Jerry was kidnapped! What happened so he could caught by the triad of the woods? Fortunately, Sagre, the former Earth Kingdom Warriors inherited his skills to his sons. Like the reforestation, the two little boys found their destiny; Freedom Fighters.

5. "Turning the Games" - Released June 29, 2012 (Avatar Wiki)

Living in the woods, Jim and Jerry, along with the warriors perfecting their powers to gain the equality; between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom.

6. "Girl" - Released July 5, 2012 (Avatar Wiki)

Raging on the woods to get a freedom, Jim barely forget his "duty" to find mate. Expectation from a man to a girl; maybe woman is weak, tooo gorgeous, and should be served. But, how about the "Armored Girl?" Who's she?

7. "The Revenge" - Released 11 August, 2012 (Avatar Wiki

A grudge is must flow like the river, not being piled in the inner heart. If not, your revenge will explodes sometimes. Working on City of twists and lies, Mei Li ought to defend herself for being the only known... seismic-sensor on the earth.

8. "Inheritance"

The brothers finally found their destiny, life in the woods. Sagre's spirit wants to tell his sons a thing, but it's too hard for tell them.

9. "Recognition"

Jim and Jerry could not believe it. After the earthbender finally decides to reveal his status, the Freedom Fighters bemused. But, "being honest is the best". A mysterious woman suddenly came. She assisted the earthbender; as the shameful secret!

10. "Traitorous"

Jim finally recognizes some members are traitor. The Freedom Fighters loss their great warriors. They ought to choose, left them or accept them.

11. "New Friends"

The Freedom Fighters got their new members, two people. A gigantic guy, tough, and strong. Also, a frenemies!

12. "Atrocity"

Being a traitor is not easy as seen. Being ignored, tortured, or removed from team, are ought to felt by traitor.

13. "Rival’s Forgiveness"

A fighter would not be a true fighter, before they represent good faith; forgiving. Whatever the traitor did, they are still the fighters' friends. Just like the old quote said, "Love your enemies".

14. "Ransom of the Fighters"

The finale is near! The Freedom Fighters raging to rebuild their team, gathered all fighters before Fire Nation ends the world. The comet was already moved on, toward the earth. Jim should move fast, before the power-hungry Fire Nation burnt the Earth Kingdom.

15. "The Murderer"

Fire Nation was finally succeed conquer the North Earth Kingdom! The Freedom Fighters should end the war before the fire eaters beat the Earth Kingdom. With the power of forgiveness, love, and trust, the Freedom Fighters ready to face the Fire Nation.

Book Two: Resurge and Faith Edit

More to come

Others Edit

Suppressed. Reviled. Ribbed. Tortured by her family within the woods, Sung finally met her last temptation in the world. Days after being banished to the woods, Sung decided to.... Ends her whole life.

Author's note Edit

Thanks for reading, I promise chapter 8 will come sooner.