The lights of Mootaria

This is my new story!


The Adventures of Bobo the Space Monkey is a tale that starts out in the year 3049 AD. Long, long ago, monkeys and apes developed sentinent minds and became allies to the human race. But, after four hundred years of ruling the world together in peace, the newer sentinent animals, lions, tigers, leopards, and other feline species, rose up in rebellion against the primates. They defeated the humans and primates, winning rights and establishing dominance over much of the world.

During the reign of humans and monkeys, they had discovered other races out in the solar system, and a space empire began. One of the largest cities, Mootaria, was the capital of the moon and was humongous.

The fact that the humans and monkeys were no longer dominant caused a great influx to the moon, starting in the year 2845 AD. They began emmigrating off of Earth and onto the moon or other planets, but mostly the moon. There, they would find jobs throughout the satellite. However, their jobs were terrible jobs and not many succeeded.

However, Bobo's brother, Bubba, went to the moon and started up a successful hotel, opening many windows for the monkeys and primates on the moon. He tries hard, as well as another group of monkeys, to give jobs to new arrivals and old residents on the moon, hoping to give them a chance at a new life.

So Bobo and his best friend, Simbo, travel to the moon to leave Earth and find a job with Bubba. When they arrive, they realize how hard life on the moon is for monkeys, but they make it to Bubba's hotel, with many other monkeys. For a while, they all work at the hotel.

And then Bobo witnesses Bubba get kidnapped by an evil alien from a nearby solar system. He gathers a small crew and sets off to rescue his brother from the alien. An epic storyline and clifffhanger chapters will leave the readers begging for more.


Hey, I will post two or three chapters per page, to prevent having to scroll down the page to keep reading. The links will go here.

Chapters 1 and 2:

To The Moon and Mootaria

Chapters 3 and 4:

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