Hey guys, this is one of my first stories I've written, and the first I've put online, so I hope you all like it. Its about me and my class (I changed the names) in the hunger games, so enjoy.


My name is Alex Donaque, the male tribute from district 9 in this years hunger games. My cousin, Cara, was reaped and I volunteered to save her life in the arena. I know that was a bad decision, but I couldn't watch her die. I couldn't. I went through Chariots and Training with her and all the others. AJ, Rachel, Kat. All of them, stood looking at me. Sizing me up. Then I got put in the arena. Will I survive, I don't know. I am Alex Donaque, and this is my story.

My name is Cara McVough, the female from district 9 in this years hunger games. I was terrified when I was reaped, and then Alex threw away everything to protect me. He knows its futile, that both of us are likely to die within an hour, but he wants to save me, he wants to get me home. I don't want to be in the games, especially when I know one or both of us will have to die. I am Cara McVough, and this is my story.

My name is AJ Bananan, the male tribute from district 1 in this years hunger games. I was reaped and no one volunteered, no one wanted to take the place of an insane kid that the district would be glad to get rid of. My district partner is a 14 year old girl and I know she won't survive, and neither will I. I just hope I will be able to keep my dignity. I am AJ Bananan and this is my story.

My name is Rachel Edmond, the female tribute from district 1 in this years hunger games. I was an orphan and was left alone on a doorstep of an orphange when I was born, they took me in, raised me. Until I was adopted last year, by the richest couple in the district who already had two daughters. I took no teressa, and when I was reaped, the district sobbed. A head case and a young girl to represent them. My name is Rachel Edmond and this is my story.

My name is Kat MacCoran, the female tribute from district 3 in this years hunger games. I was raised on the streets, no parents, no food. Just me, I learned to rely on myself and no one else. I was never loved, and I was hated by many. I stole from stalls to keep myself alive and I was whipped by peacekeepers, I want to be in these games, I want to kill. My name is Kat MacCoran and this is my story.

My name is Allison Callans, the female tribute from district 5 in this years hunger games. My parents threw me out when I told them I didn't want to work in a power plant. I lived off of rodents and birds, whatever I could find, but I was always treated like a fugitive, on the run. Killing to live. I can win the hunger games, and I will. My name is Allison Callans and this is my story.




District Name Appearance Weapon
District 1 (Luxury) Male: AJ Bananan, 15 5'7 (Black Hair, Dark Eyes) Double Handed Sword
District 1 (Luxury) Female: Rachel Edmond, 14 5'1 (Brown Hair, Blue Eyes) Throwing Knives
District 2 (Masonry) Male: Danny Edger, 16 5'8 (Brown Hair, Brown Eyes) Sword
District 2 (Masonry) Female: Katie Dobanar, 15 5'4 (Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes) Bow and Arrow
District 3 (Electronics) Male: Jake Hunted, 16 5'6 (Black Hair, Blue Eyes) Throwing Knives/Axe
District 3 (Electronics) Female: Kat MacCoran, 15 5'5 (Black Hair, Blue Eyes) Long Knife
District 4 (Fishing) Male: Mike Rass, 16 5'6 (Black Hair, Blue Eyes) Sword/Trident
District 4 (Fishing) Female: Ally Black, 15 5'2 (Black Hair, Blue Eyes) Throwing Knives
District 5 (Power) Male: Malcom Anderson, 14 4'10 (Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes) Sword
District 5 (Power) Female: Allison Callans, 16 5'4 (Violet Hair, Blue Eyes) Bow and Arrow
District 6 (Transport) Male: David Kaldon, 16 5'6 (Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes) Axe/Sword
District 6 (Transport) Female: Jessi Gray, 15 5'4 (Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes) Bow and Arrow
District 7 (Lumber) Male: Cameron McDouglas, 16 5'6 (Brown Hair, Blue Eyes) Sword/Axe
District 7 (Lumber) Female: Lacy Baggs, 15 5'3 (Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes) Long Knife
District 8 (Textiles) Male: Ash McNorwood, 16 5'5 (Black Hair, Dark Eyes) Throwing Axes
District 8 (Textiles) Female: Claire Karr, 16 5'6 (Brown Hair, Blue Eyes) Axe
District 9 (Grain) Male: Alex Donaque, 16 5'5 (Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes) Sword
District 9 (Grain) Female: Cara McVough, 15 5'3 (Red Hair, Blue Eyes) Bow and Arrow
District 10 (Livestock) Male: Matt Andrews, 14 4'7 (Black Hair, Blue Eyes) Knife
District 10 (Livestock) Female: Mary Draghorn, 12 4'6 (Black Hair, Blue Eyes) Knife
District 11 (Agriculture) Male: Peter Johnson, 13 4'6 (Brown Hair, Brown Eyes) Sword
District 11 (Agriculture) Female: Bella McGrapes, 17 5'7 (Brown Hair, Brown Eyes) Knife
District 12 (Coal/Mining) Male: Jamie Polo, 13 4'7 (Brown Hair, Green Eyes) Sword
District 12 (Coal/Mining) Female: Annie Starreri, 16 5'6 (Brown Hair, Green Eyes) Throwing Knives


District Name Appearance
District 1 (Luxury) Luna Radcliffe, 26 (F) Long purple hair, purple eyes, pale skin
District 2 (Masonry) Mannas Flavios, 34 (M) Long Blue Hair and Blue Eyes, blue makeup and clothes
District 3 (Electronics) Lucy Uganda, 33 (F) Magenta Skin and Green Hair, Blue eyes
District 4 (Fishing) Flipper MacCai, 26 (M) Blue Skin and Eyes, Gills, Fins and scales
District 5 (Power) Gwen Holden, 67 (F) Grey Hair and Green eyes, natural looking
District 6 (Transport)
District 7 (Lumber)
District 8 (Textiles)
District 9 (Grain)
District 10 (Livestock)
District 11 (Argriculture)
District 12 (Coal/Mining)


Stylist Chariot Interview

Alex Prolouge: Cara, Hunger Games Arena, Day 8Edit

I sit around the fire with Cara, talking about home when the cannon fires and AJ's head-shot appears in the sky. Suddenly it hits me, all those careers, it wasn't tributes or natural causes that killed them, it was Kat. She's the only one left. I remember her at training, she was hanging around with 1, 2, 3 and 4. It sickens me to think she betrayed them one by one. I never thought I would pity AJ. I look at Cara, and at the same time we grab our packs and stuff our stuff in.

“It was Kat.” I say. Cara has a look of realisation her face. Cara knows it too, Kat's coming for us, and our fire isn't helping. I turn to kick the coals of the fire to stifle the flames when I see something dark zip by my left side, I spin around and Kat lunges at me, I dive backwards, right into Cara. We both smash into the ground. Kat laughs, but I cut her off as I grab my sword and slash at her head, unfortunately it only grazes her eyebrow, however it draws blood and she desperately tries to staunch the blood, she multi-tasks by sticking her knife into my leg and ripping her shirt and sticking it to her head. I scream in pain as the blood gushes from the wound, the pain is blinding. Cara pushes me off her and we both turn and sprint, but not before Kat throws a knife into Cara's shoulder. She screams but we keep running, out of the forest and into the city part of the arena. We zip by a coffee shop and into the square, Kat is just behind us, Cara points up and we begin to climb up the statue. We climb as fast as we can and we reach the top, just as Kat climbs up the other side

“No where to run now.” says Kat. She lunges at me and I flail at the edge of the statue. She pulls out the knife in my leg and I lose my balance and topple of the edge, for an impossible second I’m suspended in the air, but then I fall and land on a protruding part of the statue, a small fragment of the statue is loose and is aimed up, like a knife. When I crash into the ground, my leg gets caught on the bit of statue and it plunges into my leg. But because it was a bit loose, it comes away and I clatter to the ground, the fragment of statue goes right through my leg. My vision creeps with red.

“Alex,” screams Cara, I look up as Kat wraps a rope around Cara's neck, I try to move but the pain shoots through my leg and I can't move. My leg is soaked in blood, as red as Cara's hair. Kat stabs Cara in the leg and Cara gives an ear-splitting scream. Kat looks down at me, and snarls.

“Alex, help!” yells Cara.

I pull my leg up as hard I can, my leg comes out of the statue but a part is still stuck in my leg, I scream in pain as I pull it out of my leg, its all stained red. Just then, Cara screams again, Kat has stabbed her in the arm. I pull myself together and climb up the statue. My vision keeps going blurry and flashing white, but by feel I manage to get up. Cara screams once more as Kat flings her off the statue, but Kat has a rope in her hand, and its attached to... Cara's neck. She's hanging her. I grab the bit of statue and keep climbing. Cara gurgles and screams but I can make out a few words.

“Kill... her... Alex.” she gasps. Just as I reach the top. Kat thought I was dead so this comes as a surprise to her. I plunge the bit of statue into her foot and she drops the rope, Cara goes down with it, she slams into a ledge with a sickening crack. Kat screams as I grab her hair, I get behind her and pull her hair as hard as I can, then as she goes down I dive aside, her head hits the ground with a horrible crunch. I climb on top of her and grab her throat, I press down as hard as I can and the I smash her head off the ground, Kat's crying, gurgling and coughing at the same time. I think of cara and realise there hasn't been a cannon, so I get off her and jump off the edge, I land on the ledge and I limp over to her mangled body and cradle her in my arms, I see the dent in her throat and its obvious that she’s a goner. I hold her hand and Cara tries to speak, but is shush her.

“Don't speak Cara.” I choke, the tears stream down my cheeks.

“W-win... f-f-for... u-us... t-t-tell m-m-mum... I... l-love h-her.” she rasps. Her eyes flutter as her life ebbs away. She opens her mouth to say something, before the darkness pulls her under. The cannon fires.

“NO!” I yell. I pull Cara close, and hug her tight. The tears flow uncontrollably, I hold onto her as hard as I can. It begins to sink in. Cara's dead. Kat's about to die...

AJ Chapter 1: The Reapings, District 1, 9:15 a.m. 27/7/02

“Morning,” yells my mother as I run down the stairs,

“Hey Mum,” I reply, for once she seems to be sane, she's even made breakfast!

“Reaping today, you nervous?” asks my mum.

I shake my head, is she kidding, as if. I'm never going get chosen, I just want it to be over, I hate the Hunger Games.

“Oh will you look at the time, we better get to the square.” She yelps, obviously remembering what happened the last time someone was late, god, there was so much blood, that was the first person I'd ever seen killed, and I had a strange feeling it wasn't going to be my last.

We hurriedly leave the house and raced for the square, and we made it in plenty of time.

“See you later honey.” says my mum.

“But what if-” I start.

“It won't be you, I know it,” she smiles weakly and I know she's thinking of dad, she turns and leaves for the viewing stands.

“Next!” a gruff peace-keeper shouts, peace-keeper, I hate that name, it's the complete opposite of what they do, someone gets killed almost everyday by them.

I stick out my finger and they prick it ever so slightly, but just enough to draw blood. He drops the blood on to the scanner and the words Bannan, Ashley James, flash up.

“Clear,” he shouts.

I walk over to the 15 year old segment and stand with the other boys, another 10 minutes pass before everyone is here and the District rep Luna heads to the stage.

“Welcome, welcome boys and girls to the 102nd annual hunger games.”

She pauses and the capital seal appears on the wall behind her and a video starts to play, telling us the 102 years ago, the districts rebelled against the capital and they failed, the usual crap. Not that long after the video ends, the woman heads back onto the stage.

“Now it is time to choose one brave young man and woman to represent District 1 in the hunger games, so I bid you all a happy hunger games, and may the odds be ever in your favour. Ladies first.”

She walks over to the ball marked Girls, her florescent pink hair swaying behind her, she puts her hand in the ball and moves it around before picking one from the bottom.

“Rachel Edmond!” she announces, a girl from the 14 year-old sections bounces on up to the stage, flips her hair behind her shoulder and grins.

“Oh my god, I'm so happy to be picked.” she exclaims.

“Now for the boys,” says Luna as she makes her way over to the other ball.

She places her hand in and sways it around.

Please don't be me, Please” I think, my names only in there once, it can't be me, it can't.

She grabs one and opens it very slowly.

“And the boy is... AJ Bananan!”

What!” I think even though I heard her perfectly well.

I feel numb, I can't feel my toes and I can only hold onto one thought; I'm going to die.

My feet somehow manage to move me towards the stage and as I climb up the stairs onto the platform all I can hear is murmuring from the crowd, “The Banana Boy” and “The Insane Kid” amongst other things.

Suddenly I hear a cry; its from the viewing stands, I know without looking that it's my mother. She screams and cries, then a peace-keeper gets involved, I look away just as a shot is fired, I see my mother's limp body fall from the stand.

“Mum!” I scream, as the peace-keepers “escort” us into the Justice Building...

Rachel Chapter 1: Reaping Day, District 1, 9;15 a.m. 27/7/02Edit

“BEEEP BEEEP” goes the alarm. It doesn’t matter, I've been up for hours anyway, I slam the top of it and it shuts up.

“Morning Rachel,” chirps Alice. Alice is my “mum”, she and her husband Bob adopted me and I've been living in this palace for months, why the hell did they adopt me. They've already got two real daughters, Pixie and Angie, who are already past the hunger games age. And they're really rich too, apparently Bob made loads of money smelting a new metal ore or something.

“Its a big, big day.” She continues. Crap. It's the Hunger Games reapings today. I grab the gold hair clip from the bedside table and hold it close, it was my mum's, not Alice's, but my real mum. I was dropped off at the orphanage with it in my hair, it's the only thing I have left from her.

“Coming... mum.” the words feel forced, she's not my mum, she's not, she's not.

Pixie and Angie are standing at the base of my bed. Pixie's blonde curls flow behind her, perfectly. Whereas Angie looks completely dishevelled, and mad.

“Get up, NOW!” they scream. Jesus, what did I ever do to them.

I flop out of my bed onto the floor and smack my face off the ground.

“Ow,” I complain.

“Shut up you stupid baby.” yells Angie

The next half-hours is a rush to get dressed and get to the square, incidentally, the Peace-keepers are extra strict about the reapings, every child in Panem needs to be in their district square. Period.

We all walk casually to the square, Pixie turned 19 yesterday so she no longer needs to stand in the crowd so they say there good-byes and head for the stands, Pixie, however gives me a hug and when I ask why she tells me she has a strange feeling, she shrugs and leaves. I head over to the Peace-keepers and let them nick my finger, as per usual it stings and the name Edmond, Rachel flashes.

“Clear,” the peace-keeper grunts.

I walk over to the 14 year old segment and stand with a couple friends.

Welcome, welcome boys and girls to the 102nd annual hunger games.” begins the crazy rep.

She pauses and the capital seal appears on the wall behind her and a video starts to play, telling us the 102 years ago, the districts rebelled against the capital and they failed, the usual crap. After the video ends she comes back onto the stage and flips her pink hair.

“Now it is time to choose one brave young man and woman to represent District 1 in the hunger games, so I bid you all a happy hunger games, and may the odds be ever in your favour. Ladies first.”

It won't be me, It won't” I think.

She places her hand in the ball and sways it over the slips.

It can't be me, my names only on two of those slips”

She grabs one from the bottom and slowly opens it.

“And the girl for District 1 is... Rachel Edmond!!”

Everything freezes as I try to comprehend what I've just been told. I'm in the hunger games, I'm going to die, I will never see district 1 again. But I put on a brave face as I walk up onto the spotless marble stage.

“I'm so excited to be chosen for the games!” I say, and then flip my hair over my shoulder for good measure.

“And the boy is... AJ Bananan!” announces Luna.

Great, so the Banana Boy is my district partner, I'm gonna have to kill him, I'm the only one that would have mercy.

Suddenly someone screams, a gunshot is fired and a limp body fall from the stands

“Mum!” screams the boy as the peace-keepers drag us into the Justice Building...

Danny Chapter 1: Just one more reaping, District 2, 9:15 a.m. 27/7/02

I turn over in my sleep and crash straight into Max.

“Watch it, squirt,” he teases. Max is one of the few people who make me smile. But for some reason he isn't smiling. Then it begins to dawn on me, it's reaping day. It always brings back painful memories. Jackson. God I miss him.

My mother turns over in her sleep and starts screaming.

“NO JACKSON NO!” she yells.

Sophie and Taylor suddenly rise on either side of me and Max.

“Reaping,” I say softly and tears begin well up in Sophie's eyes. She's only twelve and her names in 23 times. Of course its nothing compared to my 68 and Max's 96. But she's scared out of her mind anyway. Taylor walks over to my mother and father and delicately rouse them. My father just gets up in and walks over to my Gran in a trance.

“Its reaping day, so we all need to get up.” he says with no emotion.

Sophie and Taylor get out their bed, Max and I join them and we leave the room, we head over to the kitchen and eat some breakfast and when we're done Max begins to walk us down to the square. Max takes us each year since Jackson died, Mum became bedridden and Gran caught an infection we call Alesction, it speeds up your blood pressure then suddenly slows it.

We reach the square and queue for the blood drawing. Its Sophie's first time and she's terrified of the Peace-keeper. But when were all through and stand in our respective sections. Then that humongously fat blue-haired man named Mannas takes to the stage and begins speaking into the mike.

“Welcome, everyone to the 102nd annual Hunger Games reaping,” he begins.

For the next half-hour the man talks about the Treaty of Treason and some other stuff, I don't really listen. I just pay attention this sick feeling in my stomach. Thinking of Jackson makes feel like that.

“Now it is time to choose one boy and one girl to represent District 1 in this years games, Ladies first!”

He walks over to the ball marked girls. He puts his hand in and moves it around. Not Sophie, please not Sophie. I shoot her a sideways glance and I see her crying.

“The Female tribute is... Katie Dobanar.” he announces. Yes! I think. Sophie isn't going to be in the games. I look over to her and she is beaming at me. I smile back.

“And now for the boys.” Mannas says.

He walks over to the other ball and places his hand in and grabs one. All I can think about is Max's 96 slips.

“Max Edger!” I see the shock register on Max's face. He is utterly stunned and looks like he may cry. I think of Jackson and I don't believe what I'm about to do.

“I volunteer!” I scream.

“No!” yells Max.

I sprint over to him and throw my arms round him.

“Keep Sophie safe,” I whisper ,“Don't let them starve.”

“I won't.” he whispers back.

I walk up onto the stage and stand with Mannas.

“So what's your name?” he asks.

“Danny Edger.” I reply, barely audible.

“So that was your brother was it?”


His eyes widen and he realises Jackson was my brother as well. He looks so sympathetic that I start crying. He wraps his arm round my shoulder and then the other around Katie, and walk into the building...

Katie Chapter 1: The Day of Sorrow, District 2, 9:15 a.m. 27/7/02Edit

“Wake up Katie.” I vaguely hear and I wake from my sleep. Everything is upside down. Raven comes up to me and and strokes my face.

“Silly girl, you fell out the tree,” she laughs, “Lucky you were strapped in.

She grabs the rope and unties it, and I crash into the ground. I sit up, rubbing my head.

“That hurt, stupid.” I joke.

I look around and realise I'm in the forest. Then I remember that I was hunting last night. I stand up and Raven smile drops and there is a look of sadness in her eyes.

“Reaping day.” She says.

“As if I'm attending,” I shoot back. The look in her eyes tells me I'm going. “Fine.”

We walk towards the fence and climb over our makeshift stile. Then we walk towards the square.

“Maybe I'll volunteer this year.” I say. Raven smirks. I just decide to shut up the rest of the way. Soon we get there and I make sure to merge in with the crowd so I don't need to do the stupid blood thing, luckily no-one notices. I just stand with a couple people my height. Then that tall fat man with the blue hair comes onto the stage and starts speaking into the mike.

“Welcome, everyone to the 102nd annual Hunger Games reaping,” he begins.

For the next half-hour the man talks about the Treaty of Treason and some other stuff, I don't really listen. I'm too busy thinking about idiotic Raven is behaving, I could be catching dinner the now. I'm vaguely aware that he is got his hand in the girls ball.

“The Female tribute is... Katie Dobanar.” he announces.

“What,” I say a little too loud.

All the girls turn and look at me. Then it registers that I've been picked. I almost scream in confusion. My feet carry me up onto the stage and I stand next Mannas quietly. I see raven in the crowd. She's looks shocked and seems to almost be... crying. Raven. Crying. I must be going insane. She's doomed me to death.

“And now for the boys.” Mannas says.

Then he walks over to the other ball and places his hand in and grabs one.

“Max Edger!” he announces.

A slim built 17 year old's eyes widen. It's really strange how I can notice these things, even from this far away. Then this younger boy starts screaming.

“I volunteer, I volunteer, I volunteer!” he screams.

He runs up to the stage and Mannas starts asking him questions. I recognise the boy, well not the boy but a sibling maybe. Oh God, his brother was Jackson Edger. Jackson was in the 100th Hunger Games. All the deaths in that one were extremely gruesome. Jackson came 2nd when the girl from his district slammed him across the face with a sledgehammer, breaking his neck. Oh, that was an eyeful.

Then Mannas puts his arm around him and then me. I automatically push him away. I hate being touched. And as I go into the justice building I look at Raven once more. Her eyes are flooded with tears.

“I'm sorry.” She mouths.

“I hate you.” I mouth back.

She turns away, then I see the glint of a knife in her hand, she thrusts it up into the air, then she turns to her left a stabs the woman through her throat. She gurgles and falls to her knees, then she turns to her right and stabs the man through the chest. Finally she raises the knife, and plunges it into her chest. She falls to the ground, her blood spraying all over the ground. I close my eyes as a tear falls down my cheek and I walk into the building, never looking back...

Jake Chapter 1: The Reaping... Again, District 3, 9:15 a.m. 27/7/02

“Run Evelyn!” I scream. I roll over and slam into a beside lamp. I scream again, and then I begin to realise I’m having the nightmare again. Crap, I had almost stopped having them. I open my eyes and grab the scarf and hold it close. My mother carefully opens the door.

“Hey honey, I heard screaming. Do you want anything.” she asks politely.

“I want Evelyn back!” I scream, I know she was trying to be nice but I still can't stand the pain and 9 out of 10 times I wake up screaming. I throw a vase at her and it smashes of the door, and my mum shuts the door instantly. I bury my head in my hands, I don't try to push people away; It just happens. I climb out of bed and look at the calender. Oh god, today is the reaping. Tears begin to flood my eyes, Evelyn. God I miss you Evie, why did you have to die. I get dressed and head downstairs. Mum and Dad have already made breakfast. I eat some cereal mutely. I have a weird feeling. I've eaten something so its not that I'm hungry, I shrug it off. My Mum and Dad offer to walk me to the square, but I tell them no.

I leave the house and walk down to the square. A couple of Peace-keepers are hanging around, I see the tazers in their hands. So I keep my head down and walk over to the blood taking station.

“Next.” shouts a peace-keeper.

I stick out my finger and they draw some blood with their tweeser type machine, it stings but not too much. At this point I really want my parents here. God, why did I reject them? Anyway, I've been registered, so I head over to the 14 year old segment. I look around and I think of why the stupid capital want to do this to us, for something our great-grandparents did. So why do we deserve to be punished, of course I can't this aloud if I value the life of my family and myself, if you don't say what you want.

Just then the blindingly magenta skinned creature/Capital Rep appears on stage. This year she is wearing a green wig, at least I hope its a wig, a bright green dress that seems to stop everyone from seeing and to top it all of she is wearing bright yellow high heels.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen of District 3.” she pauses as if to wait for applause, and to her dismay, she gets none! She clears her throat and carries on however.

“This year, we have decided to not show the video for timekeep-” she doesn’t even get to finish as everyone is cheering. She takes a tantrum and a few minutes later she returns in a new bright orange wig.

“Now it is time to choose one young man and woman to represent District 3 in the Hunger Games this year!” she says with absolute giddiness. She totters over to the ball marked girls.

“Kat MacCoran.” she announces.

An absolutely stunned 15 year old walks up onto the stage, she looks beautiful however, but still in shock. She stands a reasonable distance from Lucy and Lucy tries to get her to come closer, I would have found it funny if everyone wasn't holding their breath.

“And now for the boys.” Lucy says. She walks over to the other ball and sticks her hand in. She finds one and pulls it out. Only one slip in there, one slip in thousands, but it was still one slip to many.

“Jake Hunted.” she announces.

Oh my god. I'm going to die, just like Evelyn. in the hunger games. I break down in tears, down on my knees, sobbing. I try to stand up but my momentum sends my tumbling down again. But I still have to get up onto the stage... don't I. Anyway, I climb the stairs onto the stage and stand next to Kat. Lucy then stands in between the two of us. She grabs our hands and shouts:

“District 3, you have your tributes!”

I turn and walk sadly into the justice building, with Kat right behind me and Lucy bringing up the rear.

Kat Chapter 1: Just a normal day, or so I thought, District 3, 9:15 a.m. 27/7/02

“Die, pest.” I yell as I send another arrow in the direction of a rat. It dashes to the left and I nail it through its skull with Sabrina; my favourite arrow, I've had it since I was 6. I run up to it, I look at it more closely. It is a meagre kill but I'll take it. I grab it and skin it, and then I enjoy one of the biggest breakfasts I’ve had in months. I crawl slowly back into the small “den” I call home. It is a table with cardboard boxes attached underneath. Quietly I change into something more comfortable and then I realise why no one has been walking down the street today.

“Its reaping day.” I mutter to myself. I quietly poke my head out the end of the cardboard box, just as a peace-keeper passes by. I curse and dive backwards, luckily avoiding him.

So I then climb out the boxes ( A little more carefully this time) and head for the square. As I arrive, I see the magenta skinned capital rep named Lucy take to the stage. I quickly make my way through the crowd and stand with some people my height.

Just then the blindingly magenta skinned creature/Capital Rep appears on stage. This year she is wearing a green wig, at least I hope its a wig, a bright green dress that seems to stop everyone from seeing and to top it all of she is wearing bright yellow high heels.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen of District 3.” she pauses as if to receive applause, but she doesn’t and I giggle quietly to myself.

“This year, we have decided to not show the video for timekeep-” she doesn’t get to finish, there is too much cheering. When she starts taking a temper tantrum her face turns a weird colour, well I guess that is what happens when you dye your skin pink! She walks off stage and returns a few minutes later with a new wig, orange, my unlucky colour, why do I feel so unlucky today.

“Now it is time to choose one young man and woman to represent District 3 in the Hunger Games this year!” she says with absolute giddiness. She totters over to the ball marked girls. She clears her throat before announcing my name.

“Kat MacCoran.” she says

What! My name isn't even in there! Oh my god, that day I went to school, stupid me, my name got put in. I curse again and start to walk up onto the stage. How exactly did this happen, anyway I'm not complaining, I'm quite good at killing things, especially animals, and humans are animals. When I get onto the stage, I make sure to stand at least two meters from Lucy, she tries to move me closer but I am repulsed by her yellow teeth and pink skin up close, so I stay put. She just shrugs it off and continues with her speech

“And now for the boys.” she says as she hops over to the other ball.

“Jake Hunted.” she announces.

A boy from the middle starts crying and I know he's been picked, I'd pity him but that's not the kind of girl I am. He tries to stand up and falls over again and I strain to suppress a giggle.

“Come on up dear.” says Lucy with a smile. I don't think he heard her. He just, in a trance, staggers up onto the stage. I look at him and his eyes are full of tears, they are so puffy I can't tell what colour his eyes are. Lucy grabs my hand, I instantly try to pull away but she pulls on tighter. Then she grabs the boy's hand. She raises our arms and shouts:

“Ladies and Gentlemen of district 3, you have your tributes!”

She drags us into the justice building, I look out to the square and I know in the deepest, most locked up place in my heart, that I will never, ever see it again. “Good” one part of me thinks, “That's because I’ll be dead” thinks the other part. I 1turn into the justice building, hold my head up, stand proud, and then a ear-splitting scream fills the air and for some reason I have a vague idea it might be me...

Mike Chapter 1: More Poverty and Worry, District 4, 9:15 a.m. 27/7/02

I wake up in a cold sweat. “Just a dream.” I tell myself. Slowly, I crawl out of my bed and walk over to my window, it's a beautiful day outside so I throw open the windows and the sea breeze flows in, invigorating my face and skin. It always calms me down, the sea breeze. Quietly I tiptoe across the room and shake my little sister's shoulder.

“Wake up, Mariana.” I whisper softly. She slowly opens her ocean-blue eyes, that can see the best in anyone. Mariana quietly climbs out of her bed, making

sure not to wake my mother. But even the slightest noise wakes her.

“Reef!” screams my mother. Her scream startles my younger brother and sisters. Little 5 year old Morgan comes running up to me.

“Why mumma sad.” she asks me innocently, her huge eyes stare up at me.

“She's just having a nightmare.” I say back. She nods assent and then runs back to Sandy, my other sister.

I walk downstairs and begin to prepare our families breakfast; haddock and clam meat. Almost everything we eat here is fish, but you won't find me complaining. I mean, its easy to catch, prepare and it keeps your strength up. My mother walks downstairs slowly, she's in a zombie like trance and moves over to the couch, she almost sits on Morgan by accident, but it scares the living daylights out of her. When I'm done making breakfast, I serve it up to each of my siblings, taking care to match each of there preferences, Mariana gets an extra bit of haddock, Morgan gets it chopped up in little pieces, Sandy has ice in her water and Tide is sat at the top of the table. We all eat in silence, the only noise being Mum's snoring. When were done, I wash the dishes and the little kids go play with their toys, until Mariana walks up to me.

“It's reaping day, you know.” she tells me. Crap. Its my 4th reaping and Mariana's 2nd,

and Sandy's first reaping is today.

I walk over to Sandy, stroke her cheek and then tell her that its the reaping day. Tears flood her eyes, and she buries her face in her hands.

Soon after, were all prepared for the reaping and we begin the 15 minute journey to the square.

“Mike.” says Tide as we walk by the bay. “can you teach me how to fish?”

I look down at him, his sea-blue eyes staring up at me in admiration.

“Not today, little fish, but I’ll teach you tomorrow.” I say back. Tide, obviously pleased, runs over to Sandy. Eventually we make it to the square, I put the wee kids in the viewing stands and then Sandy, Mariana and I take our places in the 12, 14 and 15 year old sections. Suddenly, the stupid, half-fish, half-capital rep Flipper bounds on.

“Hello, Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of district 4!” He says cheerily. He turns on a projector and the video turns on. It goes on for about 10 minutes, and afterwards he leaps back onto the stage.

“Now lets pick some tributes!” he says, does this guy realise that being called a tribute is the same thing as being called dead.

“For the girls.” He runs over to the girls one, all I can think about is Mariana and Sandy's name being in there.

“Ally Black.” Oh crap, that girls parents died on the same boat accident my dad did, I remember her from that day where we all grieved over the remains of our fathers, grandfather, husbands, brothers, sons, wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. That was one of the most sad days I can remember. However I am pleased Mariana nor Sandy were picked, but its always sad when its someone you know, its always sad. She slowly walks onto the stage, and then bursts into tears.

“And now for the boys,” says Flipper. He opens one of the slips. “Mike Rass.”

Everything freezes, Mariana is crying, Sandy is distraught and the little kids are asking if I've one something. I walk up onto stage and look at Ally, the tears well up in my eyes and break down.

Ally Chapter 1: Why is my life so bad, District 4, 9:15 a.m. 27/7/02Edit

“Oi, get away!” shouts Mr Fisher, the local fishmonger. He obviously saw me grabbing a fish, this is the third time he's caught me, why is this getting so hard. This used to be so easy. I grab the haddock at the front and sprint away as fast as I can. He tries to chase after me, but his old age and my fast legs put too much distance between us. I quickly duck down an alley as a hoard of peace-keepers run past me trying to find and then torture, kill or seriously injure me. Luckily my long black hair covers my back as I run down the alley, blending me in with the street. I run about 400 meters before I stop. I wheeze and sit down at the wall, then I pull out my breakfast; one fine, fresh haddock. I dig in, savouring every bite, and when I’m finished I slowly walk towards the end of the street, I duck my head round, the street is empty, except for Mr Fisher talking to some peace-keepers. Then I realise it's reaping day, and that’s why no one is in the market. Crap, I'm going to have to go. Its mandatory, If I don't go, I will be killed, no matter how fast I run. I'm no match for their guns.

I slowly walk towards the square, slowly, quietly and sneakily. I'm totally freaking out by the time I get their, everywhere I look I can see peace-keepers dotted about, the look at me and it feels like their piercing right through my soul, it hurts and makes me very uncomfortable, I walk by the blood taking station, it freaks me out and I'm a known criminal anyway, so it would be like signing my own death warrant. I walk over to some people around my height. I just stand there, minding my own business and when the escort bounds onto the stage it scares us all out of our minds, he's half- fish, half-capital person, both extremely common and slightly weird.

“Hello, Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of district 4!” He says gleefully. He turns on a machine at the back and the video turns on. It goes on for about 10 minutes, and afterwards he leaps back onto the stage.

“Now lets pick some tributes!” he says, does this guy realise how mad he sounds and looks.

“For the girls.” He runs over to the girls one, it hits me that I might b picked and I start to feel scared, but it can't be me, it can't.

“Ally Black.” announces Flipper. I freeze up. I'm dead, is the only thing I can think about

Oh my god, did I just hear him right? I walk up onto the stage, I make it about 5 meters onto the stage before I fall to my knees and sob, why? . I'm pretty amazed that my legs are able to move.

“Why me?” I think. Out of thousands of girls it was me!

And now for the boys.” he says. He jogs over to the ball marked boys. He grabs one and opens it.

“Mike Rass.”

Why do I know that name? A boy walks up onto the stage, why do I know that face, is he one of the people I steal from regularly? No I would know him instantly if he was. Oh my god. He... he... his father died in the same accident my parents were killed in, yeah, he was there that day when we got the report that all that was left of Princess Anne was a piece of blue wood, and Mike's father's pendant. It was the most sad day of our lives.

I crawl towards the middle of the stage and break down even more, collapsing into the stage. I close my eyes and block everything out. I'm vaguely aware of Flipper trying to haul me into the Justice Building but I'm too upset to pay any attention and as I open my eyes all I can see is Mr Fisher jumping around with joy, it almost sends me over the edge, but ive all ready cried out all the liquid in my body. Suddenly I have th,e strength to stand up, so I do. I feel the gold metal in my pocket and know what I must do. I take the golden revolver, stolen from a metal shop, from m pocket and bring it up to my chest, I aim it out into the crowd and find Mr. Fisher, when people start to realise what I'm doing. I aim it at him.

“No, Ally!” yells Flipper.

I lock onto Mr Fisher, then I pull the trigger as hard as I can, the force kicks it back into my hand. But I can tell by the screams, its hit its mark. Mr Fisher is gone...

Malcom Chapter 1: Science Must Go On, District 5, 9:15 a.m. 27/7/02Edit

I sprint through the trees, screaming, they are close behind me. But I trip on a tree root and collapse into the ground. They crowd over me with their knives and sword. I close my eyes just as the swords go right through me.

“Ahhhh!” I scream as I roll out my bed and whack my head of the stone floor. It's hurt but I’m not bleeding. I try to stand up and regret it instantly as I whack my head off a shelf. Oh my god, what is wrong with me. Finally I manage to stand up and I look around, I'm not running through a forest, I'm in my amazing, luxurious home in district 5. I live here because my IQ is above genius level and therefore I get to live in the most expensive house in the district. Already, at the age of 14, I have a honours degree in medicine, electro-magnetic structures and astrophysics, unfortunately I'm still in with a chance of being reaped. Oh my, I realise that today is the reaping day and I suddenly feel nauseous. Suddenly my butler Alexander bursts through the door.

“Are you all right sir, I heard banging.” he says.

“I'm fine, thanks.” I reply. He bows his head slightly and leaves. I get up off my bed and go out my bedroom, out onto the huge promenade. I look out over the district and smile. I walk down the marble, spiral staircase into the kitchen. Alexander already has breakfast laid out, my favourite, eggs, bacon and hot chocolate. Exported from district 10, 11 and the Capital. He sits down across from me and we eat in silence.

“Reaping day.” he says.

“I know.”

We spend about 15 minutes eating, drinking and getting dressed before we head to the square. Alexander drives us in our sports car, electricity powered, first of its kind. 1000 horse power. We arrive in the square in plenty of time and I walk through the electronic scanner. In the other districts the have to draw blood, but because we are advanced in power and electricity, we only have to walk through a gate. So I walk through it and go and stand with the 14 year olds when I realise that it has been exactly forty-two days since I've seen my mum or dad. See, because my IQ is so high, they get to enjoy all the benefits until I'm 18, which means they don't have to work or go anywhere. Meaning they are not here, so the emotional support will only come from Alexander. Ha, emotions, from Alexander. As if, he doesn’t have any emotions. He's never cried or smiled, ever! Anyway I stand with some “friends”. Of course I don't have any real friends. Only people who want my money. Just then the Capital rep Gwen Holden walks onto the stage, she's an older woman. And could pass as a regular person compared to some of the escorts I've seen on TV. One looks part fish! So she goes onto the stage and without any enthusiasm begins her speech.

“Hello everyone.” she says quietly. She looks up and her green eyes lock with mine. She talks for a little while, then when she's done she announces that she's going to pick the tributes.

“For the girls.” She puts her delicate hand in the ball and chooses one.

“Allison Callans.” she says. Oh well, it's not nice when someone gets picked but I don't know her so it doesn’t mean anything to me. A girl with dark violet hair walks up onto the stage. She's quieter than Gwen and doesn’t speak at all. Gwen puts an arm round her and gives her a quick squeeze.

“Now the boys.” she says.

I look up at her, I’m not worried. The district can't lose me, i'm too important. Although a little voice niggles at the back of my head. “No-one's irreplaceable, not even you!” Gwen sticks her hand in the ball and pulls out a name. I'm relativity close to the front, so I try to get a sneak peak as to which of the stupid boys in my district is going to die. I wish I hadn't. The name was mine.

“Malcom Anderson.” says Gwen.

Oh... my... god. As I look around, everyone's staring. The boy with 201 IQ has been picked for the games. I walk up onto the stage and look out onto the crowd, I see Alexander sprinting towards me. I lock eyes with him, and then I collapse on the ground.

Allison Chapter 1: Another day in the woods, District 5, 9:15 a.m. 27/7/02

I wake up and the rough splinters of a pine tree rub against my back. My eyes open and I look around. I'm in a park, no not a park. Woods, that’s where I am. District 5's only place to relax away from the fumes. And my home. My hands automatically unbuckle my belt and I crash straight into the ground and scare the living daylights out of a passer-by.

“GHOST!” she screams as she runs away. She looks over her shoulder at me and falls into a pond, she flails for a little bit, yelling about not being able to swim, before a peace-keeper helps her out, she points in my direction and I instantly scale a tree. From up her I can see everything, unfortunately that includes a billboard about it being the reaping day. Crap. Well, I'm going. Just because I'm not very good at science and stuff and happen to be good at stuff the district doesn’t need me to be good at means I am cast out, not spoken to or about, it's kind of horrible. Oh well, i'm better than all of them in my own way. I look down and the peace-keeper has just walked past this tree so I grab my pack and drop down to the ground and then swiftly sprint away. Soon after I end up at the east of the park, when I realise that I'm only, like, 5 minutes away from the square, so I wrap my cloak around my arm and put my pack in the woods and then just hike to the square. By the time I get there, loads of people are already there, I walk quickly down an alley and wrap my cloak over me, its colour blends me in with the wall and ground, so i'm virtually invisable, unless I move or someone finds my cloak. Just as a bunch of peace-keepers walk by. Whew, that was too close. Slowly I climb out of this dingy alley and climb onto a roof. Quietly I walk along the rooftop and drop down on the other side, so now I'm past the blood testing. Unfortunately when I turn round to leave the alley, a lone peace-keeper appears.

“What are you doing here, young lady.” he says. I see his hand move towards his tazer as he moves closer.

“Nothing.” I say quietly.

As the peace-keeper gets closer, he begins to recognise me. His hand darts to his walkie-talkie and I kick it out his hand, it flies out of reach onto a roof. He reaches for his gun but i've already punched it out his hand, it scatters away into the dark. I move closer and the peace-keeper drops to his knees.

“No... p-please.” He chokes out. Too late, i'm behind him and my hands are on his head. He opens his mouth to scream and I jerk his head to the side and then the other, his limp body clatters to the ground.

“Sorry, but you were in my way.” I snarl and then I kick him in the chest as I walk away.

I didn't want to kill him, but it was necessary, unless I wanted killed. Oh well, i'm not going to miss him. Anyway, I climbed over a fence and quietly join some 14 year old girls. Suddenly a old woman named Gwen walks onto the stage and begins to speak.

“Hello everyone.” she says quietly.

She quietly reads her speech and then after about 5 minutes she announces that she will now pick the tributes. She walks over to the girls ball and puts her hand in.

“Allison Callans.” she says. Oh, my, god. I've been picked for the hunger games, I look around, a peace-keeper is celebrating, someone is discovering that man I killed. I walk up onto the stage and stand with my head down, not giving them the satisfaction of tears. I'm slightly aware of the fact that Gwen is picking the boys and she announces a name, a name that sticks in my head, I look at him and I realise why. He is the boy with the 201 IQ, no this isn't possible, he can't have been picked, he is way to valuable. He walks up onto the stage, stunned. Suddenly there is a noise and someone in a suit is running up onto the stage, is he volunteering, no he is to old. Then Malcom, that's his name, Malcom collapses on the floor. I almost laugh, super smart, super stupid. Then as I look to the other side, a peace-keeper is running out of the alley where I killed that man, they know it was me, they know it. I quickly turn and go into the justice building, trying to hide the hideous tears from flowing, but its no use.

David Chapter 1: Grace's Birthday, District 6, 9:15 a.m. 27/7/02Edit

“David.” yells someone behind me, I turn to see my girlfriend Grace run towards me. I smile at her and she throws her arms round me. She pulls me close and I give her a kiss on the forehead. But I can't help but wonder why she is hugging me so close, but she answers this question with a single word.

“Birthday.” she breathes in my ear. Thank god, I thought she was going to say something terrible, like it was... oh god it is... Reaping day. I pull Grace closer and I give her a lingering kiss on the lips. She doesn’t need to know yet, and she doesn’t know I've got her a present either, I reach deep into my pocket and I take out the box and go down on one knee. Grace looks absolutely shocked. Anyway its completely legal, we are both of age, as of today and I love her.

“Will you marry me Grace?” I ask, oh god. What if she says no, what if she thinks i'm crazy, what if... I'm interrupted by Grace kissing me she hugs me close.

“Y-y-yes.” she stutters. Oh, my god. I stand up and put the ring on her outstretched finger, then I give her a long passionate kiss that she happily returns. We hug for a long time, before her mum comes out of the bakers and yells at Grace.

“Were married!” she screams at her mum.

“What!” yells her mum. She is stunned and then she savagely slaps Grace in the face. Grace falls to the ground and her mum walks away. I grab her hands and pull her up, she's crying and her face is all red. She turns around and walk away from me and towards an alley. I debate leaving but I decide to follow her, and when I find her she is sitting by a wall, crying her eyes out. I stroke her cheek and brush her hair behind her ear. I love her so much. She's is the one for me, and when this reaping is over we will never have to go through another one, ever. Delicately, I help her up and she begins to cry. Her face is all red and she has a hand shaped bruise on her cheek. She puts an arm around me and we walk towards the sweet shop, when we get there I produce 5 whole Panemians, our national coin. This buys us a pack of Ms. Sugar's finest chocolate balls, which is a lovley treat for Grace and I, considering both of our familes are quite poor, soon after we hop on a tram, its kind of like a train that takes you places on a road, unfortunately there is a sign about reaping which sets Grace off again. Jesus, that girl is a tear machine.

“Hello, sir and madam, where will you be going today.” says a waitress.

“The square.” I say politely. Anyway, the remaining 2 Panemians buy us a decent lunch in the first class area in the tram, we both order something divine, I have lamb chop and mashed potatoes and for desert a sweet apple pie, Grace, however, orders a tomato soup and for desert a Chocolate cake. She has good taste. Soon after we arrive at the square, in which both of us have to take a blood test. It stings a little bit but its generally OK. Suddenly a new capital rep bursts onto the stage.

“Hello, everyone. I'm Purr! Your new capital rep for district 6. Happy Hunger games.” He says. Wow, I look at him closely, he... he has whiskers and ears and a tail. Oh god. He's part cat. I mean I've seen the one from district 4 who is part fish, but this is ridiculous. Anyway he goes on for about a quarter of an hour, talking about some ancient stuff, I don't really listen, but then he announces that he will be picking some tributes.

“First, for the girls.” he purrs. I flash a look at Grace, she seems fine but I know she is terrified. Purr sticks his hand in the ball marked girls and pulls one out.

“Jessi Gray.” he miaows.

A stunned 15 year old girl walks up onto our stage, and keeps her head down, however she does look like a fighter, she could win this thing if she tried. Just then I think of Grace and suddenly turn to my side, she's beaming, oh, I'm so glad. Just me to go now. Purr places his hand in the ball. Everything seems slowed down, Purr opening the slip, him announcing my name, Grace breaking down into tears, my stunned reaction, the horrible wait in the justice building for our parents to come and see us. Nothing makes any sense. Except one thing, I'm going to die.