Name - Tamara Alexandria Snow

Age - 17

Best Friends - Jonas Night, Emily Hill

Appearance - Black hair, Brown eyes, Short height, Elegant body shape

Personality - Girly, Bubbly, Hyper, Loving, Easily Excitable, Passionate and Optimistic

History - Tamara has always been able to see the bright side of life. Even though she didn't have the best childhood. It was nothing extremely problematic. The problem was, her dad was never really around. He was always (and still is) working late ALL of the time. Therefore leading to Tamara barely having any time with him. Even so Tamara doesn't moan EVEN when her dad doesn't show up for parents evening and special school events.

Her mother doesn't have much patience with him though and gets angrier every time he misses another parents evening, or birthday party. She puts everything into her daughter, and is never dissapointed in her. She always manages to make time to be with her even when she's tire from a long day at work. If Tamara's nervous about a school test her mother soothes her telling her that she can only try her hardest and if she does then she can't fail, no matter what her marks are (which are always great as Tamara is one of the smartest girls in her class).

Then there's Jonas.

Her boyfriend. They haven't really told anyone about the fact that they are dating apart from her best friend Emily and his best friend Adam. They have been seeing each other for a while and even within that time Tamara still wonders how Jonas could be so perfect. He's as sweet as the day they first met. Tamara loved him after just laying eyes on him. He had been so polite and shy.

Tamara dreams that she'll be with Jonas for the rest of her life. She also wants to become a nurse so that she can help those in need.