Hello. My name is Estrella Lavini. I am a goth, and a smart one too for that matter. I spin webs out of words and traps out of love. You might think I'm evil, but I'm not as evil as my enemy the one that has evaded me for 10000000000 long years: Leilani Lavini. She might appear kind and generous. Appearances are deceiving. I am tall, with long, straight black hair and deep hazel eyes. I am thin. She is a short, pudgy girl with a short blonde bob. I died, became the queen of darkness and goths because of her, my nemesis. I remember that day like it was yesterday, even though it was millennia ago. I was minding my own business, sitting on the tree, when she took my bow and my arrows and shot me in the back, causing me to fall to the death. I later took revenge and pushed her off the tree in my ghost presence. We are now locked in a deadly battle for justice. I am a dark queen, she's a light devil. I know my life and her life too well.

I am not just darkness. I am light, forever trapped in darkness, while she is evil, forever evil. I knew her since she was born, her aura was always evil. She never knew love, peace or joy. She only knew greed and selfishness. I know that I shouldn't babble, I must tell you about all our battles.

1st battle Edit

I was dead, just dead for a year. I took my bow and arrow, she took acid. I shot her, and she just spilled the acid all over herself, reverting he into devil form and forcing her back to Devilland. She weakly tried to kill me, but failed. I won.

2nd battle Edit

We met in an abandoned hunger games arena. I thought about all the tributes that used to be there, giving her a chance to grab a weapon. She grabbed a sword, and attempted to stab me. I cartwheeled out of the was and grabbed 4 throwing knives. I threw one into the groin, one into the heart, one into the head and onto the stmach.