His name is Kelvin Brooks.

I met him when I was in second year high school.

He was the ex-boyfriend of my bestfriend, Lisa.

I used to hang out with them before.

Maybe it's true that nothing lasts forever... because believe me or not; aside of my mom and dad, they were the sweetest couple I have ever known in my whole life.

When I came up to high school, I really don't hang out with boys. I know many people there, including the boys in our school. But only few of them are my friends.

I wasn't even expecting that I would be able to get along with Kelvin and Lisa.

I got no boyfriend since birth so I am not really interested into relationship talks.

LOVE. Perhaps? but I got a very less background of having a relationship.

I spent the fun-time in school with Lisa and Kelvin. Before, we bonded a lot everyday.

Since they were a couple, I know everything about them. And since Lisa was my best friend, she used to tell me about her feelings for Kelvin. I was the one who was listening to the both of them.

Being the Love Doctor wasn't easy though. They fought sometimes, I used to be the one who was fixing their quarrels.

I talked to Kelvin.. then talked to Lisa. And usually I helped fixing their problems.

Lisa and Kelvin had a lot of trials in their relationship.

Third parties? NO.

But loving two persons at the same time.

The couple had a lot quarrels about many different things.

Until the time that; ...Lisa got to love two persons at the same time.

There goes the existence of Rolly.

Rolly and Lisa were friends because they joined the same Youth. So that means they see each other too.

They texted each other and get closer. Until the point where Lisa felt she was falling in love with Rolly.

Rolly was showing Lisa the same feeling and there goes that she went confused with her feelings with Kelvin.

One night.. Rolly sent a text message to Lisa saying that he loves her. Lisa's heart jumped because of happiness. So she decided to make her final decision.

So the moment she woke up.. she went to school and find me asking for help.


Kelvin knew about it. He's old enough to accept the truth. So Lisa told her goodbye and Kelvin accepted it with tears in his eyes.

Lisa and Kelvin were a sweet couple. I even thought of maybe they were really meant for each other. A couple that were really meant to be together. But I was wrong, they haven't found their destiny yet. Or maybe it's just that...