Name - Nina Edwards

Age - 117

Best Friends - Emily Hill and Jacob Edwards

Appearance - Brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes, slim ballerina build and average height for a 17 year old.

Personality - Funny, Catty, Glamorous, Gossipy and Compassionate

History - Nina has been alive for 117 years and has been a vampire for a hundred of them. Her original name was Alisa Kingston. She thinks that one of the perks of being a vampire is that you get to change your identity every so often and become a completely new person.

As much as she hates the vampire who changed her and her brother, she is grateful that he didn't just kill them when he took them from the street.

The transformation hit Nina the hardest as she (unknown by her brother and father) had a sweetheart who she could never see again.

Her James.

One of the things that hurt her the most was, (being a vampire) she knew that James was never meant for her. He was neither her soulmate; nor her eternal love.

Her visions started coming after her first feed. She ws terrified amd instantly went to her brother for help. Her brother listened patiently while Nina explained what she had seen.

She had seen someone's plan to get revenge on their wife after he had found out that she had been having an affair with his best friend. The man was going between three options. He could simply file for a divorce, cheat on her with her best friend and leave obvious signs that it had happened, but he was angry and his third option was to kill his wife and frame his friend. Nina knew one thing. They couldn't stop him, as they had no idea what he was going to do and he would have carried out at least part of his plan by the time they had figured out what he was going to do. A few days later it was reported that a woman was found dead by her husband in their house.

Nina wishes that it could have been different and that she could have saved that woman's life.