Name - Jonas Night

Age - 17

Appearance - Black hair, Blue eyes, Tall and an Athletic build.

Personality - Quiet, Reserved, Funny, Loving, Passionate, Protective and Clever.

Best Freinds - Tamara Snow and Emily Hill.

History - Jonas doesn't have the best relationship with his parents. All he does is try to please them, but he's never good enough for them. They always see the marks he didn't get, the goals he never achieved.

Then Tamara came into his life.

He loved her from the very start. She was smart, beautiful, optimistic and always smiling. He would do anything for her. It took him a while, but eventually he managed to ask her out on a date. Thankfully she said yes.

The date was great. They went to the cinema and then got something to eat afterwards. Jonas walked Tamara home.

He couldn't get her out of his head. A few weeks later they went on another date. This time to the bowling alley. They laughed a lot that night. Once again Jonas walked Tamara home. When he turned to her to say goodnight a wave of longing crashed over him. She looked so beautiful - a smile on her lips, her chocolate brown eyes sparkling with happiness - he just wanted to kiss her. So he did.

They were both a little surprised by his boldness, but after a few seconds of shock Tamara whole-heartedly returned the kiss. They both ended up a little breathless. Jonas looked into Tamara's sparkling eyes for a little bit longer before deciding that he should probably go. They both said goodnight and it took all of Jonas's self control not to skip home.

Jonas wants his parents to see how hard he works. He also wants to be with Tamara for the rest of his life.