Name - Jacob Edwards

Age - 117 years old

Best Friends - Nina Edwards, Emily Hill

Appearance - Brown hair, brown eyes, tall-ish, muscular

Personality - Witty, reserved, quiet, caring, self-centered

History - Jacob has been alive for 117 years. When he was changed his name was Edwin Kingston, but both he and his sister have to change their names to keep with the times and avoid suspicion.

He originally comes from London and his father was a rich businessman. His mother died shortly after the birth of her twin children.

The brother and sister were walking home one night when a man kidnapped them. It turned out that he was a vampire and transformed them both. He died when Jacob knocked out his fangs and broke his neck - the only way to kill a vampire.

Jacob and Nina could never go home and as a result never saw their father again. If they had went home they would have died as their father was a strong believer in the Christian faith and would have killed such evil creatures.

Jacob wishes that it could have been diffirent and that he could have seen his father one last time before leaving him forever.