Hitler's daughter


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This is no romantic love story, no heroic tale. No, this is my life. I am Erna Andrea Hitler, and I am Adolf Hitler's Daughter.

Have you ever lost everything you loved, everyone you loved. Well that happened to me, all within a few years. Pain, loss, emptiness. But I was torn from the arms of my first love; the most painful part of my life.Some may say I was lucky, I have a dad who was in charge of the whole of Germany. But he never noticed me, never did anything for me. Yeah we had money, fame, fortune. But I was unhappy, I lived my whole life inside. Locked away because my dad was ashamed of me. Thats why you have never heard of me, thats why my existence is a shock. It was only at the beginning of the war when my life really began. And that is the story I am going to tell, my life, my love, my world war two.

Chapter 1Edit

"Erna! Get down here!" I force myself to open my eyes and I instantly close them again and pull my bed sheets over my head. The sound of yelling, marching and gunshots are around me. Today, the war really began. 1st of June, my dad invaded Poland. On my birthday, the first of June, my 16th birthday. Thanks dad, thanks a lot. That was also the day I fell in love, with the wrong person. Today was, well