Ahh. Sunlight in the face is the best way to wake up. I sit up and strech silently, taking in the scenery around me. It seems to get more beautiful every day. The trees are so green and the light pours through them perfectly. The grass is a pretty shade of green, and it's so comfortable. The water in the stream beside me is clear, and I stick my bare toes in just to feel it. Ohhh, it's freezing! I stick the rest of my foot in, enjoying the freshness of it. Several fish come up and start biting my toes, taking off the dead skin and making me smile. One bites a bit hard and it pulls off some live skin along with the dead part, making a trickle of red swirl into the clear blue water. This makes me actually giggle out loud, it tickles so much. I pull my feet out of the pond and notice how clean they feel compared to the rest of me. Usually I would take a little bath in the stream right about now, but for some reason I don't want to today. I check to make sure the animal skin draped and tied around me is still fitted correctly, and then I leave to go hunting, making sure my knife is at my side. It's one of my most prised posessions, and I have no idea how I would live without it. I stop thinking and run through the woods, my feet following the almost invisable path that the animals and I use, and within minutes I have a rabbit.

If I can hunt on this trail, so can the predators, so after I get a small bird as well as the rabbit I step off of the trail and dodge twigs and thorns for a while until I reach a small clearing that I've never seen before. I start a fire and roast both o the animals, and shortly after they're resting in peace in my stomach.

TBC (To be continued....)

You've got about as much charm as a dead slug ~GlimmerandSparkle