Sometimes it's better to feel pain, than nothing at all.

A pair of green, friendly eyes looks at me.

"Hello..' I muttter.

'What would you think if I told you, you can get a new life. Out of this children's home?'

He smiles at me, and I see there stand 2 boys who are like 14 behind him, and 3 girls of the same age as the boys. Mrs. Darin smiles as well, she knows what will happen to us. I sigh and get ready to stap out of this life.

'Of course I am,' I reply.

'You're going to have a wonderful life, I promise,' he says.

He tells me to follow him, I look at the other children, all have brown hair and green eyes.. We go downstairs, and I see the gross walls disappearing behind me. The other children look more nervous than me.

'Thank you for helping us,' says one of the girls to our savior. 'Mister Livegood.'

Livegood.. I've heard that name somewhere. I don't know where anymore. Well, he saves children to break them down later. So he must be a criminal.

No time to think about that.. I'm going to have a new life!

We enter his giant coach. There are two couches on each side of the square space. I sit down with the 2 others boys on the backside. The girls sit down on the other couch.

Mister Livegood wishes us a good trip and closes the door.