Mmmm....I can't take my mind off of my last hunt. I can still feel the fresh blood pumping through my veins. The fear I've caused in the town makes feeding so much more fun!

The logical part of my brain is telling me to stop. That soon the Vampire Council will catch me and kill me for my actions, but my rebellious side always wins with the fact that I've been 17 for nearly a hundred years now....I should live a little! (if you'll pardon the pun.)

So that's why I'm causing mayhem in the town. So that I can get some enjoyment from my undead life! Soon I'll go back to me normal feeding habits and not kill so much, but it's going to be hard because of the......what's that?

I smell the air around me. A scent I can't ignore. I can't kill them, because of the time of day (an annoying myth about vampires. We don't burst into flames in the sun and we definitely DO NOT SPARKLE! It just makes us slower and hurts like hell.) and also I don't want to over feed.

I run closer to the origin of the strange, sweet scent. I run until I could see it.

See her.

She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Her dark hair framing her face. Her grey eyes looking worried as she hurries along the pavement.

I can't do it. I can't take my eyes off of her.

I walk with her. Follow her. Watch her. She walks into a building marked 'Morphington High School'. I could get accepted there couldn't I? I could get the paperwork needed ready in the blink of an eye can't I?

As she walks in I slowly regain my senses.

What am I thinking!? I can't go in there. I'm a vampire. A hunter. Humans are my prey. I can't go to a human high school and expect to fit in. And Nina's already moaning about the danger I'm putting us both in with this killing spree of mine.

Better not give her a reason to moan any more.