I nearly fall flat on my face (just like I do every morning) when I run down the stairs.

I'm a morning person. Unlike my mother who I find slouching over a cup of coffee when I come into the kitchen. "Morning Mum." She jumps at my sudden appearance. "Morning Emily."

"Good sleep?"

"Yes, what about you?"

"Yeah, it was mum?"

"Yes dear?"

"You might want to get changed so that you can go to work." I watch her expression change from confusion to understanding as she fully processes what I had said. "Oh, I'm not going to work today. My boss said I could have the day off." Oh. It wasn't that that much of a shock considering how much time and effort mum puts into her job. The shocking thing was that she had agreed to it.

Confusion must have shown on my face, but mum quickly changes the subject. "I thought maybe we could have a girly night in?" Her eyes plead with me to say yes."I could go out and get lots of snacks, maybe we could even rent a movie? You know all of the funs things we haven't had a chance to do in a while." I'll admit now I'm suspicious, but I'll let it go.


I quickly shove bread in the toaster and get butter and jam from the fridge.

"Even if I'm not going to work today I think I'll go get changed now."

"Alright then." As mum goes upstairs I go over to read the newspaper she had left on the table.

The headline screamed 'MORE MURDERS BUT STILL NO LEADS'. The article said that even though more bodies had been found police have still been unable to find a link between the 32 murder victims. 32!!! It also said that there was no sign of the killer slowing down any time soon.

My toast pops, making me jump. I quickly spread everything on my toast then call up to mum "MUM! I'M GOING TO SCHOOL I'LL SEE YOU WHEN I GET HOME!"


I quickly walk out of the house, locking the door behind me.

As I walk I can't get rid of the feeling that someone has their eyes on me.

Watching me.

No. That was stupid. Why would anyone be watching me.? I quicken my pace.

The sooner I get to school the better.